Being an Entrepreneur in London: The Success Capital of the UK


A new report analysing over 60 million social posts has revealed the success capitals of the UK, celebrating entrepreneurship.


Difficult to define but universally understood, success covers many aspects of life. It could be securing that dream job or starting your own business, London is a huge hub for success stories making it the top city for successful life inspiration.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy however, and as this guide from Foundr points out, you need to be prepared for the challenge if you are to flourish long-term.

We spoke to Louise Deverell-Smith who is Founder at Daisy Chain in London:

When we asked Louise what she thought about being an entrepreneur in London, she said:

“I definitely feel the vibrant buzz of London for business and for entrepreneurs. I am part of many women’s groups which are based in London, however, there are women at these events that aren’t based in London. I think having Sadiq Khan as our major of London is fantastic as he is often talking about flexible working and helping working parents – which is our focus at Daisy Chain.”

Social media gets a bad rep sometimes, so we asked Louise how she found social media for celebrating success and for her business;

“Social media has been really positive for us as a business! We only post positive messages and images, and we love to champion our employers and candidates on Daisy Chain! We love a success story and our network loves to share our success too.”

She goes on to say: “I do find that women love to help other women… there is a real sisterhood vibe in business with women.”

Daisy Chain is a free online platform which connects parents to family-friendly employers.

Louise was also recently been awarded in the f-entrepreneur top 100 female entrepreneurs in the UK.

We spoke to Emily Straw, Founder of Stud & Tassel in London;

Emily is the owner of distinctively unique handmade accessories in London. We spoke to Emily about what it was like living as an entrepreneur in London and she said;

“London is a city brimming with female entrepreneurs so it’s a very encouraging and exciting atmosphere to be part of. There are always female-focused events to attend and I have personally found value in learning from the success of other women whilst making new friends.

Being an entrepreneur feels super empowering, especially when I remind myself that I started and continue to run this business all by myself. However, working independently definitely brings its own challenges and I sometimes wish I had someone to bounce ideas off and share in the success”

Emily goes on to comment about the impact of social media alongside having a business;

“Social media has helped enormously with the success of my business and without it, I’m not sure if Stud & Tassel would even exist. It allows me to connect with like-minded individuals and I have particularly benefitted from being able to connect with fellow female creatives.”

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