Who is WhoaOmar? And What’s His Next Step in Stopping Social Media Hate?


The young social media star Omar Arafat, nicknamed WhoaOmar, recently released his first ever book titled ‘How To Handle Your Haters’, which is now available on many platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book elaborates on the hate that almost all people who use the internet undergo on a regular basis. He wrote it to help people understand why their ‘haters’ hate, and how to cope with the harsh messages they receive.

The book became an overnight success and had over 500 sales in just a few hours of being released! The 16 year old now goes by his brand name, ‘WhoaOmar’, and has been a popular figure even before releasing his book.

The young videographer and social media influencer was inspired to write his book after noticing the online hate shaming on many people’s social media posts and the exponential increase in negativity.

Being his first step in spreading awareness about cyberbullying, the book inspired Omar to plan on releasing even more projects to this significant cause.

Go check out the best-selling novel,’How To Handle Your Haters: The Hard About Social Media’ by Omar Arafat on Amazon now.