Best Christmas Presents for Cricketers


Is your partner, sibling, friend or family member a cricketer? Are you stuck for present ideas with only a matter of days to go until Christmas? Look no further – below we’ll explore a few present ideas for the cricket lovers in your life. Fortunately, most cricketers are devoted to the sport meaning any related present should be much appreciated. Let’s take you through some suggestions.

Training Equipment

Winter is the off-season for cricketers, but pre-season training is not far away when the new year starts. Perhaps you could buy some cricket training equipment to help them get up and running when indoor practice begins? This may include a new cricket ball for bowling in the nets, or some batting cones tohelp sharpen their batting technique. Alternatively, you could buy some equipment to help them train at home – for example, a set of training stumps, an automatic feed machine, or a catching practice mat.

Replica Kit

When the new season rolls around, your giftee may appreciate some new replica kit to train in or even just wear around the house. There’s a wide array of replica clothing available now for different nations, teams, franchises and clubs that may be of interest to your friend or family member. These includetraining and playing kit, as well as branded accessories and leisure wear.

Protective Gear

Protective equipment is essential for any cricketer due to the dangerous nature of the sport. There’s a long list of gear that is worn to protect almost every part of the body when batting– including helmets, gloves, pads, boxes and thigh guards. These can wear down easily over the course of a season leaving batters more vulnerable to impacts from the ball. So,perhaps gifting some new protective gear would be a nice way to show how much you care for their safety.


There are several types of footwear that cricketers rely onwhen it comes training and matches. Indoors, trainers are usually worn to provide grip and support. Outdoors, players will often wear spikes to give themselves better grip in the wicket or outfield. Cricket spikes and trainers wear very quickly during the season, so a new pair may be a welcome present to keep their feet supported.


A cricketer will always need accessories throughout the course of the season. You could always buy them some new shades, socks, base layers, or even some hand warmers for the early games in the season when Spring still hasn’t quite arrived yet.