Best Franchise to Own: Special Strong


A gym franchise like Special Strong is your best bet if you wish to have a profitable business for a low investment. Many might say otherwise, but that is only because they are not aware of the benefits of having a gym franchise. In this article, you will see every essential detail about Special Strong, and why it is the best franchise to start with.

Reasons to invest in an adaptive fitness industry

Before you get started, you must familiarize yourself with the benefits of adaptive fitness gym investment. Listed below are the primary reasons.

1.  Turnkey business models

Investing in adaptive fitness gyms, such as Special Strong, entails investing in their turnkey business models. The franchisors have already ensured the success of the business by establishing its brand image and recognition. Everything, including the equipment, is arranged for you already, so you don’t have to stress yourself out with the business plan and procedures anymore. You don’t need a brick and mortar gym to get started in Special Strong. The design of its business model can withstand the recession and other problems the business might face. While everything is made ready for you, the franchisor will also provide ongoing support.

2.  Low costs of entry

If you wish to own a franchise for a reasonable price, Special strong is your best option. It is one of the low cost franchises in the market. It has high profitability that’s why you can expect a solid return on investment. While the franchise is designed for a special population, specialized knowledge is not required to get started in the adaptive fitness gym. Your franchisor will cover initial training to equip you with everything that you need to run the business.

3.  Excellent work-life balance

Be your boss if your 8-hour job is not working for you anymore. Although being a gym franchise owner requires you to be present in the gym most of the time, it is more manageable. You have more freedom in Special Strong so you can decide a lifestyle for you and your family with fewer constraints.

  1. Fitness Industry’s Great Potential

Starting your business now is a smart move since the fitness industry has been skyrocketing due to current health concerns worldwide. With the advent of technology, getting fit now goes beyond just a passing trend. Many places are now saturated with gyms and fitness clubs since many people believe that getting fit is the key to living a happier life.

5.  Diversified Target Audience

Special Strong is designed to accommodate all customers including the special population. Regardless of the type of disability an individual has, the gym has sufficient equipment to cater to their needs. Hence, investing in Special Strong guarantees high profitability since it has a varied target audience.

Special Strong Investment

Despite many fitness franchise opportunities, Special Strong stands out because of its unique strengths. It is a fast-growing adaptive gym that offers training for both physically and mentally challenged individuals of different ages.

Low-cost franchise

If you wish to have a business but have limited resources to start with, Special Strong can help you actualize it. The franchise requires lower capital compared to other franchise options. You don’t need a brick and mortar gym as well to get started.

High earning potential

One of the reasons why Special strong is one of the best gym franchises to own is because it offers a healthy profit margin in low franchise fees. The company allows the employment of autistic individuals, provided that they underwent training. Another benefit is never running out of clients since many people with disabilities continue to seek ways to a better life.

Turnkey business model

The business model is designed to help you increase your success rate in the adaptive fitness industry. It can help ensure that your business remains profitable and sustainable even in the long run. The original owners have benefited from it already and you will too because of strategic planning and campaigns embedded in it.

Ongoing training and support

Special strong wouldn’t just lay out the whole business plan for you, but also provide you ongoing support. You can access its resources, e-books, references, and the Special Strong University whenever you want. The company also offers online webinars and weekly coaching that you can grab.

Special Strong Franchise Levels

If you decide to invest in Special Strong, there are different franchise levels to select from. The company wants to accommodate every aspiring entrepreneur that’s why it designed levels that are dependent on your financial capacity.

Level 1

Level 1 is the perfect choice for those who don’t have a brick and mortar gym since it focuses on in-home training. It has lower overhead costs and fees since you don’t need to provide a gym for the launching of the business. You can start immediately with this franchise level since no real estate purchases are required.

Level 2

Level 2 is for those entrepreneurs that can provide a brick and mortar adapted gym. Since there is a designated building, you can offer more services and accommodate all demographics. When you select franchise level 2, you can explore the scalable brick and mortar concept of the company. Moreover, you can equip your gym with specialized equipment to better cater to the special population.

Invest in a low investment franchise

Franchising can be so expensive because you also have to pay for other expenses aside from the franchising fee. Fortunately, the case is different in Special strong since you can get started even with just low investment. Into the bargain, the abovementioned adaptive gym franchise is one of the most affordable franchises in the market.

Nevertheless, the assistance given in Special strong does not only focus on the financial areas. You will also receive support in terms of how you can run the business more efficiently. Among others, the team will also help you get the best franchise opportunities in the business. You can enjoy unlimited access to all the resources of the company, compared to other franchises that only allow limited access. As long as your franchise ownership is already processed, you can use the advanced marketing and customizable tools of the company.

How Much Can I Make with Special Strong?

Unlike other fitness franchise opportunities, there is high earning potential in Special Strong even with low investment capital. No definite amount in terms of how much you can earn is clear with this low investment franchise. Your hard work will dictate how much money you’ll have. Listed below are some of the things you can do to optimize your investment’s potential.

1.  Avoid giving regular discounts

While discounts can help you attract more customers, giving them regularly is not the way to go. If you do it, it would be difficult to make your business profitable. Needless to say, Special Strong offers high-quality services. Hence, the money that people spend on your gym is worth it.

2.  Do a price increase

Franchise owners often price their services the same way other fitness gym owners would. However, that shouldn’t be the only basis since there are also other factors to consider. A good case in point is the employment of an adaptive fitness professional that requires a competitive salary. Hiring such an asset justifies the means to increase your prices. Your clients would understand the change in the price of your services once they get to work with their trainers.

  1. Don’t compete on price

People now want to spend more money on services that can guarantee results than to invest in low-cost services that wouldn’t make a difference. Thus, you shouldn’t focus on competing on price. Understand your market and offer the right services.

4.  Do a cost evaluation

Evaluate your costs if you want to make your low cost franchises in Special Strong profitable. If you monitor your expenses, you can find more ways to reduce them. Moreover, you can open more opportunities such as a change in supplier and volume buying discounts if you know where your money goes.

5.  Check other franchise owners

There is a greater connection in Special Strong than in any other affordable franchises. It wouldn’t be one of the best franchise opportunities for nothing. Don’t look at other Special Strong franchise owners as if they are your competitors, but as friends whom you can ask for advice and recommendations.

6.  Equip yourself with marketing skills

With an excellent marketing campaign, you can increase your sales. Just equip yourself with good marketing skills to get started. Although Special Strong provides advanced marketing tools, knowing how to use them would put you in a better position.

7.  Know your clients and build a network with them

If you wish to increase sales productivity, connecting with your client can help you. Once you know which clients contribute to most of your profits, prioritize them. And then, ask them if they can refer you to their relatives and friends. You should also determine which clients you make the least profit from. Once you do, you can adjust the design of your business to better satisfy them so they would support your gym more actively.

8.  Create multiple streams of income.

Do not merely rely on adaptive fitness training. You should also consider other ways to earn, such as offering products that support the services you offer in the gym. But before you do so, make sure to ask for approval from your franchisor first.

Gym franchise owners can earn up to $60,000 annually, according to CareerBliss. Nevertheless, you can still increase it by following the suggestions mentioned above.

5 Reasons Why Special Strong is a Top Investment Choice

If you plan to invest in the adaptive fitness industry, Special Strong is the best franchise to start with. Listed below are the reasons why you should choose it despite many franchise opportunities.

1.      We are the most affordable investment

While the expensive fees of franchising are no secret, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to franchise a business. Hence, you can start your journey with us here at Special Strong for only $37,850.

2.      We have an inclusive environment.

We have an environment that can accommodate all types of customers. We cater not only to autistic people but also to diabetics, cancer survivors, injured athletes, and those people in recovery.

3.      We can give you financing assistance.

If you wish to franchise but are short on budget, you can ask for financing assistance since Special strong is an approved SBA Express Loan Lender.

Aside from franchising, Special strong also offers continuing education. You can get your education from us if you wish to become a certified adaptive fitness trainer.

5.      We want to make a difference.

Our main goal is to help our clients change their lives. Over the years, we have witnessed several breakthroughs and contributed to successful stories of our clients. We have helped many people with disabilities to boost their confidence and live a better life, in general.

How to choose the right gym to franchise

There are many franchise opportunities to select from, so choosing the franchise to invest in can be difficult. Here are some tips you should know.

1.      Choose the right location.

If you want to make your business profitable, launching in a location that is accessible to potential customers is your best bet. Make a list of pros and cons to weigh in your choices for location.

2.      Check for any hidden costs.

Make sure all expenses are accounted for when you invest. There are low-cost investments that have hidden charges. Hence, you should list everything you need to pay aside from the franchising fee.

3. Assess your financial capacity

Just like in any other business, you won’t be generating an income at the start. It may take up to a minimum of six months up to a year to see your financial progress. During this time, you should have enough resources to keep your gym from operating. Hence, you must evaluate if your financial situation would suffice.

4. Do your research.

You should evaluate your local competition to know how you can position your services. To see their strengths and weaknesses, you can do a mystery shopper exercise. Doing this beforehand can help you better design your marketing plan.

5. Create a profile for your customers

Knowing your clients is critical to the success of your business. Hence, you should create a customer profile. If you know who you are serving, you can better market your services.

Final Thoughts

Getting an adaptive fitness gym franchise could be your best decision. Don’t let your fears stop you from growing with Special Strong. You don’t need to start from scratch to be an entrepreneur. Instead, you can consider franchising since the brand is already established. It can help you achieve your dream lifestyle as well as make a difference in the special population.