Learning How To Find Your Life Path Number And What It Says About You


Our Life Path Numbers are similar to our zodiac signs. Many people believe that their Life Path Number decides various things such as your personality, abilities, weakness, and actions. Those people believe that everything that has happened in their past and is yet to happen in their future is at least in part down to their Life Path Number. 

Learning how to find your number and the bearing it can have on your life and personality can help you in so many different ways.

How Can You Find Your Life Path Number?

To find your Life Path Number, you must first start with your birthday and then step by step reduce each number in the date until you are left with a single digit. One proponent of numerology, Matt Beech, explains that this digit is your Life Path Number which has so much power in your life. To show how this works in practice, we can use the birthday of former United States President, Barack Obama, whose birthday is August 4th, 1961. 

First, we lay it out the numbers in President Obama’s birthday as so:




To find President Obama’s Life Path Number we then need to reduce these numbers down to single digits. As his birth month (8) and day (4) don’t need reducing as they are already single digits, we only need to do Obama’s birth year. This is done through addition as so:


We then reduce 17 by adding the two digits:


Now we have 3 digits (the day, the month, the reduced year), we add these together:


Finally, we add those two digits together to get President Obama’s Life Path Number:


You can see that President Obama’s Life Path Number is 2, which is a number shared with another seven former presidents of the US. The personality traits of people with the Number 2 are empathy and self-sacrifice, as well as the strong skills of mediation, listening, and communication. On the other hand, Number Twos can be overly sensitive or emotional in hard situations. 

What are the Master Numbers?

The above method is used to calculate every Life Path Number except for three which are called Master Numbers. After you have reduced the digits in your birthday down, if you are left with the numbers 11, 22, or 33, these are Master Numbers and are not further reduced. Someone with a Master Number has the same traits as the sum of that number but to a greater degree. For example, a number 22 will have the traits of a Life Path Number 4 but they would be magnified. 

What are the Characteristics of Each Life Path Number? 

We have looked at the characteristics of Number Twos already, so here are the characteristics for the other Life Path Numbers:

  • Number Ones are all about being proactive and do well in leadership roles. On the other hand, Number Ones can sometimes come across as a little bossy or as having a big ego.
  • Number Threes are communicative, expressive, and creative. One of the negative traits of Number Threes is that they can sometimes be poor listeners and dismiss other people’s ideas. 
  • Number Fours are hard workers and are good in practical situations. This can somehow lead to them being stubborn and unmovable, however. People with the Master Number 22 have the same characteristics as Number Fours. 
  • Number Fives tend to have a real sense of adventure and make brave decisions. Because of their courage, however, Number Fives can sometimes be too impulsive and impatient. 
  • Number Sixes are very supportive and empathetic people. They are very good at solving problems and are very thoughtful. This can sometimes result in them being a little overprotective, however, which can suffocate loved ones. 
  • Number Sevens are very analytical and detailed in their approach. One potential downside of this is that they can be overly critical of themselves as they strive for perfection. 
  • Number Eights are very ambitious and are always focused on the results. They are inspirational leaders and can help to motivate a team. On the other hand, they can sometimes be selfish and push people too hard.
  • Number Nines are wise and often seem old beyond their years. They tend to be very spiritual people who think about deeper meanings. This can sometimes cause them to overlook the physical realm, however, and become disinterested in work or practical matters. 

Finding your Life Path Number is a great way to understand more about yourself and your life. It can help you to self-analyze and achieve your goals. Just remember that your Life Path Number does not have to define or restrict who you are or what you choose to do. There is always the opportunity to change and grow in whichever direction you want.