Best Hair Transplant Clinics In London


Hair treatment and a transplant are some of the most demanded personal care treatments, not only in the UK but the world over. This is quite understandable given that the face, of which the hair is an important part, is the center of human appearance. Then, when we place this fact that there is an exponentially growing rate of hair loss and balding hair, the fact that hair treatment is booming is not surprising. However, as in every booming market, there are many competitors, all of which don’t provide quality care. To save the hassle of searching, we present here the top 3 hair transplant clinics in the city of London.

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Top 3 hair transplant clinics in London

1- Capiclinic

Capiclinic’s branch in London is a top-notch medical center boasting advanced and state-of-the-art technology that applies the latest proven therapies to treat the most complex hair treatment issues.

Apart from its treatment outlet located in Harley Street, London, the hospital has a major center in Turkey, with representative offices across Europe, including Spain, Italy, France, and Germany.

Capiclinic is recognized as the first in Europe to apply stem cell therapy to hair treatment. Normally, baldness and other medical issues surrounding lack of hair are treated by transplanting hair follicles from one part of the scalp (the donor part) to the balding part of the hair (the recipient). However, this is quite limited in its effects as it is not always natural.

To bring about very effective treatment, some internal body organs in the form of cells responsible for hair growth have to be altered. This brings about stem cell treatment. Here, cells are extracted from the patient’s abdominal fat. They are then injected into the hair scalp to boost the regenerative cells’ quantity and strength in the hair follicle. This way, the patient experiences natural but strong hair growth due to the increase in the regenerative capacity of their scalp.

At Capiclinic, the stem cell treatment is usually added to the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)/Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) methods to give patients comprehensive and complete hair treatment. This type of hair treatment replaces lost hair and causes the hair to regain the strength to grow naturally.

One other thing that stands Capiclinic out is the array of professionals that it has. Some of these professionals are experts in the various fields surrounding hair treatment and transplant and regenerative medicine.

2- Harley Street Healthcare Clinics

Harley Street, London, is especially known for hosting a whole lot of medical centers and facilities. It boasts one of the highest concentrations of top-notch medical institutions per capita and per mile, not only in the UK but anywhere in the world. We can refer to it as the “Healthcare Capital” of the UK, and we will not be wrong. However, amongst the many remarkable institutions offering top-notch healthcare services in this area, one that stands out is the eponymous Harley Street Healthcare Clinic. Harley Street Healthcare Clinic is a healthcare group of institutions providing top-notch medical care in a wide range of specialized areas of medical needs.

One of the most popular subsidiaries is Harley Street Hair Healthcare, leading hair care and treatment facility in London. Harley Street uses a combination of the latest and most advanced hair transplant systems in treating its patients. One trait that Harley Street is particularly known for is that its hair treatment procedures feature minimal invasion of the treated area. Its transplant and care processes are intricately done so that there is minimal loss of hair and a very insignificant effect on the balded or treated area.

In its treatment, Harley Street also uses the Follicular Unit Extraction system, as against the strip treatment, which most of the industry is still stuck with. FUE is the latest discovery in hair transplant and treatment. One major benefit of FUE treatment is that it requires the involvement of only a few medical personnel. This is because the process is simple, and the actual steps involved in it are lesser than what you have with the strip method. As a result, the propensity or potential for mistakes to occur in the surgical process is greatly reduced.

Added to this, however, is the proprietary system of treatment that Harley Street built. This is known as Graft Harvesting Protocol. This borrows from the skin grafting treatment method used for skin problems and applies it to a hair transplant. This Graft Harvesting Protocol is a game-changer as it leads to a clean and impactless hair transplant. When patients undergo this protocol in conjunction with FUE treatment, no one gets to know about the transplant as the area will still be as intact as it used to be, even immediately after treatment.

Apart from London, Harley Street has outlets in Birmingham and Liverpool.

3- The Treatment Rooms, London

In addition to the advanced technology and high-quality healthcare that most of the best hair transplant Institutions are known for, The Treatment Rooms takes everything a notch higher. It incorporates premium treatment.

This facility is particularly known for its bespoke services right from when the patient makes contact with them up to the surgery and the treatments that come after. All across the treatment “value-chain,” they paid super-ordinary attention to details.

All of these create an atmosphere of a service where there is focus on the customer and where customer service ranks quite high. Outside the normal medical hair treatment, you will get premium care for your person. This explains why it is the place of choice for VIP patients.

The facility is run by Roshan Vara and Dilan Fernando, who has been regarded in the media as promising hair transplant specialists.


Your hair is such a delicate part of your being that you must not give it anything else but the best treatment. To assist you in your quest to get that, we have outlined the best hair transplant clinics in London. All you need to do is pick one and be sure to enjoy the best service possible.

And fear not if you are not located in London and cannot have access to the above-stated clinics because such treatments for the hair loss problem are available almost everywhere. You just have to look for the best ones. Alternatively, you can even access such services online by connecting with the best digital healthcare platforms like numan, where the team of experts is more than willing to assist you at every step of the treatment.