How Will The COVID Vaccine Change the NFL Near Future?


2020 and especially the coronavirus made the NFL stop, rethink and act on the march if there was any true intention of not allowing the most popular sport in the US fall victim like many others to the COVID-19 pandemic. If there was anything that was for sure it’s that the NFL was not about to kneel down on fourth down leaving their loyal fanatics without their 2020 season. Actions were taken, safety precautions and health protocols followed and at the end of the day the NFL still was and has been able to deliver the same great action all online sports betting fans are used to. With anti covid vaccines already making the rounds, what’s to come for the NFL moving forward?

It’s Time For Action But With Due Order

While it’s understandable that professional football is one of the biggest driving forces in the sports entertainment industry of the United States it does not mean that NFL players get a free pass to cut lines in order to get the coronavirus vaccines before others. According to the Chicago Tribune, players are completely aware and in agreement that there should be no cutting lines in order to get the covid vaccine before others. It is understood by players and team and league executives that frontline healthcare workers, first responders and people with more health vulnerability are first in line and nothing should change that. 

With the true and honest understanding that at the end of the day professional football is not an essential business the NFL has and will continue to spend millions of dollars making sure all health and safety protocols are met to the highest standard by all of the league’s teams. While there has been a slew of positive cases for coronavirus across the league through the duration of the 2020 season, the NFL has made immense strides towards securing the health and well-being of all the players, coaches, team execs and personnel involved in bringing fans their beloved gridiron action.

After Super Bowl LV It’s Time To Get To Work

With Super Bowl LV marked up in basically all of the calendars of football sports betting fanatics the NFL has a chance to finish this anything but normal season and get ready for what’s to come. While NFL and the Super Bowl Organization Committee executives have been hard at work to make sure these upcoming editions of the biggest football game of the year is a success there also needs to be an understanding of this new reality. 

While the vaccination efforts are already well in place the idea of being able to offer this solution to players before Super Bowl, is not one that is in the near horizon. Simply put, for now the best hope league and team executives have is for players to continue the enforcement of COVID protocols in order to be able to have a proper postseason without having to think of a bubble style tournament like other pro sports leagues in the US have had to do. Simply put, there will be no exception to the rules for anybody wanting in on the postseason action and no room for negotiating.

How Is The Future Looking for the NFL?

The coronavirus pandemic, while now facing more and more answers from the general public will most probably still be a major factor going into the near future. The proper following of all health and safety protocols to the strictest extent will be crucial both on teams and fans sides. The COVID vaccine is looking more and more every day like the true pathway for the NFL to come back to normal but caution needs to be had. 

If the NFL wishes to come back to normality sooner rather than later, including letting fans come back to stadiums then it must take its time making sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be, even if it means that fans will need to show proof of vaccinations before entering stadiums and other measures. Normality requires order and both the NFL and fans need to come together for the better of the game.