Blaze4days Appoints Former E-commerce Executive to Lead Business Strategy


Blaze4days, Toronto’s leading online cannabis information hub that helps cannabis consumers find and discover the latest cannabis product in today’s market, announced the hiring of Victoria Kimberly, a 5-year veteran in business strategy and online communications, to the role of Chief Analytics Officer. As Blaze4days’ CAO, Victoria will guide the online platform’s vision and communication strategy as it strives to expand, explore new markets, and capture new audiences.

“Blaze4days is one of the newest, leading brands in online cannabis information; many cannabis consumers in Toronto, Canada and elsewhere visit the company’s website for the latest cannabis product reviews and discussions about cannabis,” Ms. Kimberly said. “Blaze4days has been at the forefront of introducing new ideas, interesting topics, and news about cannabis and de-mystifying this new, yet extremely old plant that has historically been used for centuries by many different cultures and peoples.”

“Our ultimate objective is to empower our visitors from Canada, U.S., and elsewhere to find and choose the cannabis products that best cater towards their lifestyle and wellness needs,” Victoria told news reporters. “There is a growing demand for a wider range of legal cannabis products, but as well as more clarification on cannabis’ effects on our bodies and its medicinal benefits; and Blaze4days will be providing its visitors the most reliable, scientifically-supported cannabis-related content.”

Before joining Blaze4days’ business division, she served as a Chief Business Strategist at an e-commerce firm. In that capacity, Victoria doubled sales targets in more than five global cities around the world. Victoria’s background in launching business ideas and her wide spanning knowledge in online communication and marketing will help Blaze4days in its pursuit of becoming the leading cannabis information source online.

“In addition to helping Blaze4days’ visitors in Canada, U.S. and elsewhere make more informed decisions about their purchase of cannabis products, Blaze4days’ “Weed Hacks” series of content enlightens visitors about aspects of cannabis that does not receive a lot of attention in the mainstream,” Victoria said. “This includes how to get rid of weed smell in car and at home, but also the differences between CBD and THC, and how these chemical compounds affect the human body differently.”

Victoria started her career in the e-commerce business five years ago, but was responsible for launching a series of successful product launches, and capturing new markets and customers for her clients.

With more than 5,000 monthly online sessions and hundred plus and growing number of contents about cannabis products, news,and latest scientific research, legal updates, Blaze4days enlightens visitors about cannabis on a daily basis. Consumers can also plan on using Blaze4days’ future mobile app that is scheduled to launch next year. They will be able to learn about the best cannabis products for their unique lifestyle and health wellness needs, find those specific products safely and at competitive prices from licensed and regulated retailers.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Blaze4days serves visitors from all over the world who seek reliable information about cannabis. Catering to its growing global audience, Blaze4days plans on launching Spanish and French versions of its website as well.