Hairless Critter An Internet Star, Ludwik Shares His Guinea Pig Diet


If you have been trying to get famous on social media sites instagram or YouTube, their is a new ‘guru’ in town to guide you.

When struggling to get new followers, simply follow his method. “His” as in a hairless rodent named Ludwik, whose gone viral simply for sharing his guinea pig diet.

“My life is a real “from zero to hero” story.From abandon pet to instagram celebrity in less than a year.” reads his bio on instagram. This is the byline nearly a quarter-of-a-million people read anytime a new photos is uploaded to this famous Guinea Pig’s social media profile.

Ludwik the ‘skinny pig’ was a rescue pet, who never had hair due to a genetic disorder (likely). His semi-rare condition left him growing up into an animal that resembles a baby hippo more then a Guinea Pig. The rodent’s white whiskers and dark eyes, make him look more elegant. The combination is what likely landed him his name, which will remind many of a famous European artist.

However, if you google the name today, this furry little critter is the most popular being’ known and at the top of search results.

Famous For The Food Diet

Ludwik is famous for sharing the guinea pig diet he lives on. At first, once per week, a picture was uploaded of the cute critter eating a grape, mandarin, lettuce, or other food. However, a video clip of him eating a Cucumber is what set the internet on fire. Various pet sites, social media profiles, and other outlets caught wind of the trend. They too shared the “Cucumber nibbling video” with massive audiences that grew Ludwik’s following from a few zeros to ‘hero.’

The sight of the hairless critter is what drives interests of most. People have labeled the roden as the ‘cutest creepy thing’ and cannot resist the foreign pet’s charm.

The Cucumber video

The famed video of Ludwik chowing down on a ripe, green veggie can be watched on instagram (click here). After the first video did nearly 4-million views collectively, the pet’s owner even created other variations.

These clips were given to pet blogs and social media profiles whom supported the pet piggy’s rise to fame.

A note for pet owners, apparently cucumbers is a favorite for the Guinea Pig.

A shocking video from 2017 reveals these animals love cucumber so much, they are willing to jump up to a foot in the air to take them from owners’ hands. See the viral video of this leaping Skinny Guinea below.

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