Blue Capital Academy CEO, Ken Ibizugbe, announces plans to launch the BCA mobile app

Leading providers of FX trading solutions, Blue Capital Academy CEO Ken Ibizugbem, to launch a mobile app, the BCA app to give students more control over trades


Ken Ibizugbe and the team at Blue Capital Academy have again reiterated their goal of helping to create more profitable traders across the globe with the launch of the BCA app. Ken currently has an automated strategy that allows his students to seamlessly replicate his trade. The soon-to-be-launched mobile app will allow students have more control on how Ken trades in the FX market.

The FX market is the biggest financial market in the world and has helped to create millions of financially stable individuals and families in different parts of the world. Worth more than $7 trillion, the market is open 24/5, allowing people to take positions regardless of the time of the day. Thanks to technological advancements and the emergence of smart mobile devices, more people have access to the market. Unfortunately, tons of people have not been able to harness the features and benefits of trading in the dynamic FX market. This is where Ken and his team at Blue Capital Academy have been able to help people worldwide.

Ken started Blue Capital Academy in line with his goal of sharing his wealth of knowledge and trading experience with as many people as possible. The decision to launch Blue Capital Academy followed the successes he recorded with a telegram group called “AllBlueZone,” where he gave out his trade ideas for free for a whole year as well as “Blue Capital FX,” his first company, where he cleared up 89k in sales in the first month.

Since the launch of Blue Capital Academy, the company has helped people by providing them with the requisite skillset that no one can take away from them, ultimately giving them a proven source of livelihood that will sustain them throughout their lifetime. The academy offers a boutique training platform that offers a comprehensive solution to meet the diverse needs of students.

Ken has become increasingly popular and accepted in the FX world, garnering reviews from students worldwide. “I made a name for myself by creating free community telegram channel called “AllBlueZone” with about 4k+ people from all over the world. Giving out free value for almost 2 years. Then that led me to creating my first company,” said Ken Ibizugbe.