Ian Bentley highlights “thinking big” as his secret to success

Digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, Ian Bentley, identifies his thirst for knowledge as the factor that has continued to drive his success


Ian Bentley is a formidable force in the automotive industry as a sought-after provider of digital marketing solutions. He is also known for helping digital marketing companies to grow their bottomline. One of Ian Bentley’s remarkable feats in recent times is the sale of his digital marketing company that he started from the scratch before it was acquired for 8 figures after 7 successful years of excellent service delivery.

As an entrepreneur, Ian has stayed true to his goal of providing innovative solutions to clients, which has helped to increase his popularity and acceptance as a digital marketing expert. According to the online marketing coach, he currently spends his time motivating aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve their goals. “Being able to share my years of experience and successful strategies with companies, and see massive growth rates by implementing my proven systems and strategies drives me at this point in my career” said Ian Bentley when he was asked about the most exciting thing about his business at the moment.

Ian Bentley’s efforts have continued to show the prowess of the entrepreneur as he presently works with digital marketing companies to grow their business, following the sale of his companies Cyber Ventures & Autotropolis. According to Ian, his successes can be largely attributed to his vision and desire to achieve BIG things.

Never thinking small, never ending thirst for knowledge and new strategies, and being able to pivot quickly as roadblocks come about,” said Ian Bentley, answering the question on the secret to his success.

Ian Bentley has also identified social media as a major tool for businesses that want to harness the best possible human resources to grow their organization. While the use of social media platforms has increased in recent times by helping to connect tons of people in different parts of the world, businesses are yet to effectively harness the immense features and benefits of the concept. This is where Ian Bentley aims to make a difference when he stated “With social media, you can easily identify who is the real deal vs the wannabes by being active in specific mastermind groups. There is also still the ability to find the needle in the haystack by posting jobs on the top job recruiting sites.