Boots Covent Garden’s Water Fountain on Track to Save over 60,000 Plastic Bottles


Yesterday was the hottest July day on record and with keeping hydrated being paramount to staying healthy and cool in the heat, it’s no surprise the Rehydration Station at the new Boots Covent Garden Store saw customers queuing up to fill their refillable bottles all day long.

Since the launch of the new concept store at the end of June, this Rehydration Station has proved really popular, saving over 4,000 plastic bottles and dispensing over 2 million ml of water so far. At current rates, over the next year, in this store alone, it will replace over 60,000 plastic water bottles.

Una Kent, Communications and CSR Director, said: “The Rehydration Station at the Covent Garden store is such a simple thing to do and we are all delighted  it is doing so well. Small changes can make a huge difference; helping our customers to do their bit to help the environment, and to keep cool in this lovely hot weather. We look forward to rolling out more of them!”