Brandquad: a global solution that goes against the Big Data classics


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. That’s all we hear about these days. The Brandquad company brings a new technology vision. A little freshness in a world full of bullies never hurt…

The classic Big Data sectors

Nowadays, the predominant areas of data are advertising and marketing. Artificial intelligence training models often focus on “which ads perform best”, “segmenting audiences and consolidating data to better target potential buyers”, “adjusting real-time bids to optimize space purchases”, but also on pricing strategies that look at competitive data to determine the optimal selling price for a product or product line.

Moreover, Big Data and AI can also be found in the industrial field: predictive maintenance of production lines to study the wearing of machines and avoid premature breakage, optimization of energy consumption, transport cost optimization…

Finally, finance has been using all these tools for a while now to predict risks, detect fraud or build customer loyalty.

What about e-commerce?

Big Data and e-commerce: moving towards an emerging solution with Brandquad

There is a fine line between advertising, marketing, and online commerce. The use of these analysis tools is becoming increasingly integrated into e-commerce sites with the data collection on the customer within the site or suggestions for purchase based on the buyer profile that has been determined. All this, coupled with a traffic acquisition strategy (advertising, SEO, inbound marketing) using once again Big Data and AI can result in something truly powerful… but is it possible to go even further?

The answer is yes. With Brandquad, the limits are once again pushed back with a global platform that will take into account all the e-commerce site catalog data as well as all the key players: from the supplier to the carrier, including the product manager and finally the end customer. The solution proposes to integrate all the data within a single platform by providing a simple and intuitive interface allowing, for example, to change the capacity of a cream container of a cosmetic product while making sure that the manufacturer and the carrier receive the information, but also by ensuring that this change is correctly reflected on the different digital points of sale with links to a large number of marketplaces.

That’s not all, the Brandquad solution analyzes the different performance indicators that you will have defined and even proposes a unique integration allowing you to sell your product without having an e-commerce platform with only one goal: make more sales!