Brick Lane Restaurant launches London’s Spiciest Dish with Challenge worth £300 If Completed


Brick Lane restaurant City Spice is putting London’s tongues to the test this summer as it launches the City Spice Challenge in conjunction with Action Against Hunger.

The fiery test of taste buds will see customers challenged to complete a daring dish supercharged by spices including Carolina Reapers – the hottest chilli in the world – Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and Ghost Chillies, totalling 7.6m on the Scoville scale.

Aimed at groups of two or more, participants must finish the dish in under 10 minutes. Those who complete the challenge will receive £300 worth of free curry, with City Spice donating the full £11.00 of the dish to Action Against Hunger.

City Spice is also making a permanent commitment to Action Against Hunger. After the Challenge, the restaurant will be adding to every Rezala dish – its most popular plate – a £1 donation, which will go directly to Action Against Hunger. To put that into perspective, £1 is enough to provide a day’s worth of life-saving therapeutic food to treat a severely malnourished child.

The restaurant decided to create the challenge after noticing an increase in the amount of customers ordering the spiciest meals available, such as vicious vindaloos and famously fiery phaals.

Restaurant manager Abdul Muhaimen, commented:

“It’s often said that curry is Britain’s national dish, but it seems our customers have now become too comfortable with the South  Asian spices that pack a punch. The spiciest dishes always used to be ordered by groups of lads showing off, but now – perhaps influenced by the health benefits linked to spicy foods such as weight loss and improved heart health – we are seeing them ordered, in great numbers, across the board. The City Spice Challenge has been designed to reignite the trepidation associated with taking on the spiciest meals on the menu, whilst still fuelling our customer’s fiery fascination.”


Charlotte Leonard, Head of Partnerships at Action Against Hunger commented:

“We’re extremely grateful to City Spice for choosing to support Action Against Hunger, we jumped at the chance to be involved in such an exciting challenge and as a spice aficionado, I can’t wait to give it a try myself!The money raised will go towards our vital work helping children who are suffering with severe acute malnutrition, a preventable and treatable condition that still kills two million children every year. We hope that this is the start of a fantastic ongoing partnership that will make a huge difference to children around the world.”

The City Spice Challenge will run every Sunday and Monday of June. Customers can book to take on the City Spice Challenge via, or on 020 7247 1012.

City Spice supports Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organisation that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. Action Against Hunger saves the lives of malnourished children and ensures that communities can access clean water, food, training and healthcare through its programmes in 47 countries around the world.