British Tech Entrepreneur Donates £72 Million to Ukraine

The CEO of the company TechSimulater takes a stand to help Ukraine.

Douglas Joya Photography

by Natasha Kharlampieva

Ukraine has seen over 44 million lives displaced and affected by war over the last few months. There have also been thousands of casualties, making the war an unfortunate and urgent situation. The entire globe has stepped up, with many countries donating vast amounts of money. Companies have also donated physical items needed like medical supplies or food. The largest giver for Ukraine across the globe has been the US, contributing billions so far with another estimated $4 billion aid proposal in the works. On the lower end of the spectrum, the UK donated £5.29 million towards medical supplies. The company SpaceX was recently in the news also for providing important tech to the region. The contribution included 10,000 units of their Starlink devices to bring back the internet when it is much needed. Many figures in the tech industry have been crucial in providing Ukraine with the help it needs, including the British tech entrepreneur Khurram Asif. He just gave a large, generous donation to step up for the UK. 

After seeing the minimal donation that the UK gave to Ukraine, Khurram Asif decided that a more significant contribution would be needed to make a measurable impact. Asif is from London and started the company TechSimulater at a very young age. Focused on technology and its ability to change the world, Asif uses his major business success to help the causes important to him. In watching the war in Ukraine over the last few months, Asif observed the many countries giving funds towards a better future for Ukraine and wanted to help. He followed the medical aid provided by the UK and considered it to be insufficient enough to support the widespread humanitarian emergency. To make a more significant difference, he donated £72 million directly to Ukraine. The donation will go towards everything from medical supplies, food, clothing, and housing for the individuals within Ukraine. The funds will help Ukraine keep fighting the war and the eventual rehabilitation process. Many cities throughout Ukraine have seen extensive damage to their infrastructure and buildings, with even more damage every day. The people still fighting the war need a place to sleep at night, and the donations coming in across the world help supply this. This donation is one of the highest donations made by a public individual from the UK to Ukraine since the war started. Asif has been approached by several influential people within Ukraine with considerable decisions being made to include Asif within the rehabilitation process and the possibility of him working closely with senior government officials of Ukraine. 

Although the world has come together to help Ukraine, other investments and beliefs that Asif puts his funds towards have come with backlash. Khurram Asif is currently 22 years of age and a member of the Conservative party of the UK. Asif has previously donated funds to support Brexit. The individuals he has faced backlash from believe that Asif is going against the British government agenda. Certain senior leadership individuals involved in the Conservative party that Asif belongs to have considered ousting him from the party based on their indifference to political opinion. 


Despite the backlash, Asif continues to put his funds towards making domestic and foreign changes. Another charitable effort includes developing PaperIt, a platform for young adults and children in education with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. This platform provides note-taking through voice dictation, reads out any notes and documents, and provides summaries for people with ADHD.

In addition to this effort, Asif is also actively working toward inspiring other young individuals to pursue their dreams. Providing young people like himself more opportunities is central to his beliefs. He has presented in many schools around London to decrease crime and promote young business. 

Asif works hard towards making a difference in the causes most important to him. In Ukraine, the situation is still developing, but he hopes that his donation will help shift the tide of the war. Asif encourages others who have the means to donate to important causes. Only then will we be able to work towards a better world and help those in need.