Hollywood director Martin Campbell’s wife – Casino Royale, James Bond praises Ariel Lavi for his success in London


The international Film Producer, Screenwriter and Actor Ariel Lavi who produced and wrote films in the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Dubai and Canada, qualified for the finals of Lift Off Filmmaker film festival of the Hollywood studios, Pinewood Studios with his new film he produced  in Mexico “Metanoia”. starred by the famous actresses Jessica Decote, Laura Di Luca, Carlos Hendrick Huber,Written by David Alejandro Gigena Kazimierczak, Directed by Moran Avni. Out of 212 films from around the world, his film qualified for the top 12. Although he did not win the festival itself, he won first place in the number of audience votes. We met him for an interview about his success in London. 

Hello Mr Ariel,  How are you ? Congratulations 

“Thanks, it’s hard to decide what’s more exciting the likes of Sol Romero, the Hollywood actress and Martin Campbell’s wife  in my story on Instagram or the qualification or the winning in the first place in the number of audience votes. I’m proud but I wanted to win but maybe next time “

How did it feel to get a Like in Story on Instagram from the wife of the director of Casino Royale and James Bond? Yet a well-known Hollywood director? 

“She is a Hollywood actress. She acted in films like Casino Royale, The Legend Of Zorro with Antonio Banderas,Catherine Zeta Jones, Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. It was very exciting and surprising. It can open doors maybe but it’s amazing anyway. The most important thing is the fact we qualified to the final and won in the first place of audience votes.” 

How does it feel to win first place in the number of audience votes and qualify for the finals? Admittedly you did not win but it is still a huge achievement to be out of 212 different films in such a situation

“It was a great moment but I still feel we could win”

Like on the Instagram story of Ariel Lavi from Sol Romero the wife of the Hollywood Director Martin Campbell 

Maybe you didn’t win but you won when you got a like on Story on Instagram from the wife of Martin Campbell

“It’s just a like on Story, I know it is rare but the most important is to work hard”

We know the film succeeds in festivals and streaming platforms in China 

“Yes. In addition to London,The film was distributed in China and Asia in top streaming platforms like iQiyi- Netflix Of China, Tencent Video and Youko Video of Alibaba and Bilibili.   The film was screened at Cinepolis hall in Mexico City,Hilltop Film Festival Of Diversity and Inclusion in Birmingham Alabama,McMinnville Sci Fi Film Festival in Oregon. The film will take part in other festivals”. 

The film in iQiyi – Netflix Of China

How did you distribute your film to Netflix Of China? 

“Yes, the name of the streaming platform is iQiyi. It’s Netflix Of China and it was an amazing moment. I have contacts in China.“

Your success is unbelievable 

“Thanks, I’m working hard”

What is the next step? 

To keep going to succeed with the film. It’s just the beginning. My goal is to distribute it the streaming platforms in the US” 


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