Britons saved at least £6.6m last year in “best Before” deals


Britons saved at least £6.6m last year by taking advantage of products sold after their ‘Best Before’ date, with people living in the South scooping the biggest savings, figures show.

Data from online retailer Approved Food, which specialises in selling food and household products near or past their Best Before dates, showed that savings made by customers in its top 100 performing counties totalled more than £6,600,000. This figure represents the difference between prices paid by Approved Food customers for its products last year and the total of their recommended retail price.

Looking at savings by location, figures show that the only Northern counties to feature in the top 10 for highest savings were Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Essex topped the list with savings of around £375,380, followed by London, with £285,580. Lancashire came in fourth at £242,000, while West Yorkshire held on in the top 10 at eighth with total savings of £184,000.

Founder of Approved Food, Dan Cluderay states: “It’s really great to see the kind of savings people are making by taking a sensible approach to food labelling. Our hope is that word will spread about initiatives such as ours so more people around the country can benefit from the huge savings to be made by using this approach to shopping while also reducing the levels of food waste in the UK.”