Business strategies that improve productivity and company growth


In this rapid and continuously evolving digital age, it’s unthinkable for a business to continue to remain relevant and sustainable without using technology and digital tools. Whether we talk about healthcare, automotive, or sports-technology has disrupted every single aspect of our lives. As the boundaries between customers and sellers start to dissolve and businesses expand across the borders, perhaps the only way to stay competitive is to adopt technology to its fullest or find new ways to utilise it.

Small and medium-sized businesses across the UK are increasingly relying on new tech solutions to strengthen their product development, sales and retention services. Even if a business is tech-enabled and capable of using its potential to the maximum, it may be missing out on new, fast-evolving technologies that can take the business concept to another level.

Here are a few steps to ensure that technology works towards business growth:

Be business-driven

Remember that your presence, both online and offline, is your most important business tool. Current and potential customers engage with a company via a website or social media profiles, so think of them as your online catalogue and portfolio. A consistent tone of voice and defined, developed identity starts with your business front end. If your business is related to printer services, check out companies such as Leibinger CIJ Printers if you need assistance.

Review, Test, Reflect

You may be perfectly happy in terms of how you handle and adapt to progressive technology growth. However, like any practise or procedure, it’s essential to review it regularly to ensure that it still meets the customers’ requirements. Is your concept still reflecting the changes in the marketplace and targets the right audience? If you haven’t made any changes or innovations in the past several years, it’s hard to remain objective in terms of the growth of a business. It may be helpful to get feedback from employees or experts who can bring a new, fresh perspective on the working routine.

Progressive working mindset

Your business concept should be continually developing and evolving. Many people tend to think of a business as a finished project that should not be changed if it works and drives revenue. This mindset fails to take advantage of the fact that we live in a time where being important and relevant to the public means to innovate and adapt to current market trends. For example, the gaming industry has excellent examples of how one gaming concept changed over time, adapting to new consumer demands. We’re talking about the traditional game of bingo that reinvented the gameplay, theme and rules of play to attract a new customer base. Businesses that have also considered this fact helped them to make a breakthrough to new markets, innovate existing products and scale when needed. Check out the top new UK bingo sites and compare the approach of different gaming providers regarding offers, bonuses, gameplay and design.

The value of new online advertising methods

The Internet is essentially a very competitive playground, with SEO and other forms of advertising being more highly targeted than offline marketing. This means that people who search for your product or service will be directed towards your business website, meaning you’ll gain more visibility online rather than being on page 6 in a magazine. Also, companies use multi-channel web marketing including YouTube, pay-per-click, LinkedIn ads and so on. While it’s great to do everything, financial and time constraints mean that you’ll have to choose the channel and tactics that work best for your audience and business. For example, your ideal buyer persona spends most of the time on YouTube, but it’s not present on LinkedIn. Your primary focus should be YouTube of course, but considering a different advertising strategy and presence on other channels is without a doubt a sustainable, long term plan.

By considering and adopting these strategies to your business, you’ll be able to reduce costs and increase business and sales. To follow the work of competitors is always a good strategy, but often your internal business insights will predict the next moves you should take towards business growth.