Calling All London Landlords. Do you need Boiler Cover & What exactly is it?


In the midst of the current pandemic, things have been hard for many landlords. And the cost needs to be kept down as much as possible. And the last thing you are going to want is for the boiler to breakdown within the home you rent. Especially if you dont have any cover.

When you decide to let out a property and become a landlord, you take on a lot of responsibility. From ensuring that you protect the tenant’s deposit to checking that all gas appliances are safe to use, it’s a steep learning curve for any new landlord.

Anything that can make life easier for the landlord will surely be welcomed with open arms, but not all landlords know about this little life hack. Landlord boiler cover is a kind of insurance policy on your boiler, central heating and sometimes even the entire house. Unlike your building insurance, this will cover you in the event something goes wrong with the boiler or central heating system. So rather than pay out of your pocket for every little callout and repair, you’ll just pay one fixed monthly fee. It can help guard your rental income against unexpected costs.

Is landlord boiler cover expensive?

Not at all. Plans start from as little as £11 per month. This is probably less than you currently spend in a single trip to a fancy coffee shop. There are different levels of landlord boiler cover available, so you can choose the coverage that suits your needs. So you could just cover your boiler, or you could get coverage for everything in your house from the roof right down to the drains. Comprehensive coverage is a popular choice for landlords who live outside of the country, as it means they can quickly and easily request repairs. 

Who should consider landlord boiler cover?

It’s perfect for landlords who are letting out homes with ageing boilers. If your boiler is nearing the end of its life, you could be left paying the bill for countless callouts just to keep the hot water and the heating on for your tenants. With landlord boiler cover, you’ll only be liable for your monthly payments

It’s also great for those who have recently installed new boilers. Modern combi boilers are very efficient, but also expensive to fix if something goes wrong. And you could keep your boiler warranty intact if you choose the right landlord boiler coverage. This is because some will include an annual service, and these are often a requirement if you want to keep your warranty. 

Do I have to have it?

You aren’t legally required to have landlord boiler coverage, but this type of cover can help you to stay on the right side of the law in other ways.

As mentioned above, many landlord boiler plans will include an annual boiler service, and this is a legal requirement if you want to be able to rent out your property. You are also obligated to carry out repairs promptly. If you have a team of Gas Safe plumbers in London or electricians at your disposal as part of your landlord boiler care package, then you will be able to respond to complaints and requests for repairs much faster. 

What does it include?

This all depends on the level of coverage you choose. A basic package from YourRepair, for example, will include an annual boiler service, boiler repairs and maintenance, and it will even cover the cost of replacing your boiler if it would cost more to try to replace the existing one. You can read more about YourRepair’s landlord boiler care plans here

Remember that landlord boiler cover is like any other type of insurance. So if you make a claim one month, you may find your premium increases when the time comes to renew. This is why it’s a good idea to look for a company that will allow you to lock in your monthly price for 2-3 years to get the best deal.