Calls for people affected by dementia in London to share their diagnosis experience


Dear Editor

Right now, too many people are waiting too long to get an accurate dementia diagnosis. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, dementia diagnosis rates have fallen significantly and failed to rise back up.

More than 30,000 additional people are waiting for a diagnosis now compared to pre-pandemic levels, with many left to cope alone. Diagnosis can be daunting but it’s better to know – nine in 10 people with dementia said they benefitted from getting a diagnosis, allowing more time to plan for the future and unlocking the door to treatment, care and support.  

This is why an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Dementia, supported by Alzheimer’s Society, is carrying out a survey to better understand the barriers to diagnosis. We are calling on people with dementia and their carers, as well as academics and health and social care professionals from London, to share their experiences of diagnosis before the survey closes on 3 March.

To complete the survey visit

As the Government presses ahead with its Levelling Up agenda, we are keen to gather as much evidence as possible for this important piece of work to ensure everyone can access a timely and accurate dementia diagnosis regardless of where they live.

We must end the current postcode lottery of dementia diagnosis, because the sooner people with dementia get an accurate diagnosis, the sooner they can access the support they need.

Alzheimer’s Society London Area Manager, Jackie Swapp