Canal Toys launches Power Dough – Bring Your Dough to Life!


Canal Toys has this week revealed the UK launch of its new Power Dough range.

This exciting and innovative range lets children mould, shape and decorate their creations with push-in ‘Power Parts’ to “activate” them.

Designed for pre-school children upwards, every set comes with step by step instructions and all you need to “Bring your dough to life!” making this a must-have Arts & Crafts toy in 2018.

Power Dough Magic Pets and Vehicles Large Kit (DP016 and DP017) SRP £19.99

Get ready to design your own Magic Pet that comes to life before your eyes. The Power Dough Magic Pets kit is simple to use. Choose from one of four brightly coloured dough pots and mould your pet using your hands and the modelling tool provided. Decide whether you want your new creations to talk, light up or move. Take your pick from the 15 interchangeable accessories and connect them to the 4 Power Parts included. When you’re ready to activate your Magic Pet push it in and Bring your dough to life!

The Vehicles kit comes with four pots of dough and everything you need to design three fantastic machines; a car, train and aeroplane are all possible using the 12 interchangeable accessories, 3 Power Parts and amazing modelling dough. You can even make your vehicle move by using the dough. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination go with Power Dough.