A candid chat with celebrated designer Santiago Rico


London Fashion Week is around the corner and we are looking forward to uncovering some fresh international talent coming to our shores. This season will see an exciting new Spanish menswear brand at Fashions Finest.

Yeagob was founded in 2014 by Santiago Rico, when he was studying a Degree in Fashion in Alicante, Spain.

His brand name ‘Yeagob’, means ‘Santiago’ in Hebrew. Going back to the roots of his name inspired him of also going to the origins of male tailoring. This has been the focus of his brand ever since.

Once his studies were completed, he worked with several clothing brands and, after a year, recovered his own project, Yeagob, creating his two first collections ‘Eutimia’ and ‘Distimia’, named after psychological conditions – the topic around which all his collections stem. He is now based in Barcelona where he is focused on his third collection, ‘Narcissus’. His clothes are hand-made, always using the best fabrics and taking great care of every detail.

Yeagob can be described as classic male tailoring with a modern twist. Adjectives such as sobriety, elegance, minimalism, and cleanliness define this brand.

How do you see the fashion industry evolving?

Fashion has undergone great changes in the last few years. The rhythm and the lifespan of trends are only getting faster and shorter, up to the point of feeling a bit lost with all the trends. We can observe all these fast changes in male fashion especially. Men are more infested now in fashion and trends than a few decades ago, so little brands dare to start designing for them – we are not yet at the level of the frenetic rhythm of women fashion, but we will get there eventually.

What challenges do you face? The biggest challenges are always the new collections, the whole process can be long and exhausting! Satisfying my customers and getting the best quality and service for them is one of my priorities, so this can sometimes be a bit challenging as well.

Where does your inspiration come from? I usually inspire myself in any aspect of life – plain and straight surfaces, buildings, geometric forms, etc. Although I find real inspiration happens in any situation, at any moment. For example, psychological disorders have inspired me on my firsts collections – when I find something unusual my mind transforms it into something physical, that’s when the inspiration strikes.

What was your greatest success in the past few years? The greatest success I’ve had in the past few years was when I launched my first collection. Once it was out, I had a very positive response – as soon as the photos were out, I started receiving orders, photoshoot requests, interviews, fashion shows… and I wasn’t even dreaming about that at the beginning.


What can we expect from ‘Yeagob’ in 2018?

I am excited to be kicking 2018 off with showing my collection at Fashions Finest this February. I hope to get the attention of the men to whom I design for, and when they get my designs, I really hope they feel comfortable and powerful in them – as if they could achieve anything they wanted. I also hope for my designs to reach countries in which people can only buy them online now.