Meet hotshot record label CEO James Brooker


James Brooker flew into the public eye late last year after it was announced that he was setting up a new record label dubbed Row Productions together with his brother Jack.

Looking at the life of the hotshot, Brooker was born and raised in Collier Row before working in steel sales in Stratford in his twenties, now being at the helm of one of the fastest growing record label’s – Row Productions, its safe to say the only way is up for the local businessman.

Talking to London Post exclusively this evening Brooker told us “I opened Row Productions due to the fact my younger brother Jack Brooker who goes under the name J-Brooker (thejbkid) has extremely good talent as a singer rapper and songwriter”

As well as his record business, Brooker has also branched into events and club promotion, he told us “I now manage Fraternity at Kosho Romford every Thursday and also Sunday sessions at Kosho with my partner Riz Akram.”

2018 is set to be a big year for Row Productions who are hosting the Brits Afterparty followed on by a “Welcome to the Row” album coming out February which will showcase the talent Brooker’s label has. In April Row Productions head off to Spring Break Amsterdam festival where they will perform alongside some of the biggest names in U.K music scene!

Brooker who was spotted out and about in Essex earlier this week doesn’t seem to be phased by his newly found fame, as he refused to stop for waiting for paparazzi as he ran errands for his trendy label.