Cannabis industry beats COVID-19 crisis


If there’s one business model which hasn’t felt the Covid-19 crisis, it’s the cannabis industry and everything else its use involves. Statistically, according to some studies, it seems that its figures have even doubled in some countries of the world. Looking to the near future, those who are seeking something profitable might find their answer here.

According to a report by Latam Prohibition Partners, marijuana production in Latin America could go from 168 million USD in 2020 to more than 800 million by the end of 2024. This, which has also been described in Europe where use has become heavier (above all in Germany), produces data which creates hope.

Why has the cannabis industry grown so much in 2020?

Although 2020 has been a dire year for businesses and life in general, reviewing the business models which have been able to keep themselves afloat during the pandemic, the cannabis industry stands out the most. With the world at a standstill, nobody could imagine the reach of its success.

Moving important amounts of money for years, the use of marijuana has rocketed with the Covid-19 crisis. The therapeutic effects this plant has when it’s taken regularly are added to the anxiety provoked by the worldwide situation we’re living though.

Moreover, the economic benefits of cannabis with its distribution to third parties is more sought after than ever. Apparently, users who’ve looked on the internet to find out where to buy legally, have also seen how they’d be earning by investing in their own business.

How can I set up my own grow shop in Spain?

From own use, there are some people who’d like to pass to the distribution business and although this was complicated years ago in Spain, it’s now easier. GB, a company which knew how to reinvent the marijuana market, has everything you need so that you can start immediately.

With minimal investment, personalised attention and all the instructions in order for you to move the merchandise, a world of possibilities opens up where you’ll be the one who makes the decisions and manages everything related to marijuana production and distribution.

With stores across Spain and some abroad, this company will allow you to make a living looking after your plants and doing what you’re passionate about, a way of business which hasn’t only grown with the 2020 crisis but also has greater expectations for the coming years. With the GB’s corporate image on your side, you only need to want to start.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve realised that cannabis production is a full-blown business, now you have the specific material to make your first commercial plantations and to profit from them in the way others are talking about. Are you going to miss out on trying it?