Interview with Hard Type Beat producer SoundsByFrenk


Have you ever heard of Astronaut In The Ocean? Well, almost a billion people did! Hard Trap Beat producer SoundsByFrenk saw early potential in Masked Wolf, even when his music was not even that big. Frenk started naming his beats ‘Masked Wolf Type Beats’ on YouTube and saw, after 4 years of no results, his channel exploding! I have a few questions for SoundsByFrenk, let us learn more about this kid.

What are Masked Wolf Type Beats exactly?

Well, it is basically “hard type beats” but I name them Masked Wolf type beats so more people can find my music.

How long have you been making music for?

I have been working on music since my 12th birthday, and it took me over 6 years to turn my hobby (obsession) into my daily job.

What inspires you the most when it comes to making beats?

Well, the reaction of the artists I am working with. It is incredible how much they like the energy in my beats and that gives me even more energy to make harder beats every day! I also attend to work out sessions a lot, that is where the power comes from. I want that people get the feeling that they are on a massive festival, instead of falling asleep when they are listening to my music.

Why are you making so many beats every single day?

Well, I do not know exactly. I love making beats so much that I consistently try to improve my craft and work with better artists in the world. I upload every single creation because I believe that every beat can be a platinum record. It only requires an amazing artist and marketing strategy.

About marketing, do you use that often?

Yes. I am 50% music, 50% marketing. There are so many creative people in this world. It is hard to cut through the noise, but I think that if you market yourself right, you can achieve your goals.

Last question, what is your ultimate goal?

My goal is to work with artists like Masked Wolf, Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby. They inspire me so much with their music! No girls, jewelry or other unnecessary products. Just great music.

More of this? Listen to SoundsByFrenk’s beats here on his YouTube channel: