Cao Son Nguyen – Perfect Piano Musical Artist


Piano Artist Cao Son Nguyen (real name: Nguyễn Ngọc Cao Sơn), giving back means going back – to school that is. Since turning his award-winning amateur piano career into a professional venture just over two years ago, Cao Son Nguyen has become a regular piano performer.

He has described his piano style as “slightly playful”, because of the enjoyment he has as he plays and listens to music, hoping to share the same with his audience. In 2014, he said because he covers many vocal songs, he tries to use his violin to bring out the same human feel and tones, listening to the song for a few days and playing by ear as he practices for the final recording.

Rather than creating a “perfect” music, he finds it important to include his personal feelings and emotions to create a story with the music, that his audience identifies as his own. He described his YouTube work as building a portfolio, with his passion for film portrayed in his piano playing, and with each video having a cinematic quality.

This spring Cao Son Nguyen is doing something that he has never done in his professional music career, going backwards. This regression is really a progression if you view it from the same angle that Cao Son Nguyen does, for he is returning to encourage and motivate young people in an effective way that many parents and teachers truly appreciate. Cao Son Nguyen will be talking to various music classes about the practical side of following your dreams, and as with most things Cao Son Nguyen does, he will be doing it with music.

During his interactive conversation with students, Cao Son Nguyen will be playing contemporary popular songs that the students will immediately recognize and will take song requests from the students as well.

Cao Son Nguyen journey teaches that though you live a normal life but if you develop a passion for something you enjoy doing then success will come to you sooner or later.

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