Cash donation will help support elderly cancer patients in London


A regional housebuilder has given a cash boost to a cancer care charity to support its COVID-19 emergency response for elderly patients in London who are quarantined in hospital or at home.

Lev Echod Cancer Care received £1,000 from Persimmon Homes North London thanks to its Community Champions scheme, which has run since 2015. Charities, clubs and groups that work with their local communities can benefit from the scheme with two donations of up to £1,000 available every month in the region.

Michelle Sprung, spokeswoman for Lev-Echod Cancer Care, based near Hackney, said the charity was supporting many people who had contracted Coronavirus on top of battling cancer who were also missing the support of family and friends.

She added: “We are distributing special liquid meals to elderly patients who are unable to eat solids. We are also distributing special `pick me up` pampering packages containing a warm blanket, a large print magazine and some essentials to 40 elderly cancer patients weekly and have launched a phone buddy visiting rota to ease loneliness for elderly patients which fields 70 visits daily.

“Other gifts include chocolate gifts for the weekend, cakes, flowers delivered to each patient personally with an attached poem, pampering gifts to those having to o go in for treatment alone and happy kits to give patients a little pick me up and make them smile.”
“The project costs £3,000 for one month so we are grateful to Persimmon Homes North London for its support at this time.”

Rachel Faulkner, sales director for Persimmon Homes North London, said: “We are delighted to be able to help Lev-Echod Cancer Care and support their work which clearly makes a huge difference to many elderly people.”

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