Celebrity designer Ollia Tzarina lied about her age to avoid industry bullying and sexism!


Celebrity designer and a high end influencer Ollia Tzarina lied about her age for 7 years to trick the business world to avoid industry bullying and sexism !

Well well well.. interesting . First we hear that a medical nurse in the beauty centre that Ollia goes to in Monte Carlo leaked Ollia’s id , then we see Oli’s Q and A on her Instagram a week later addressing age and sexism issues in the business world . Ollia has shot to fame when her label Tzarina By Ollia became the outwear leader- globally.

With clients like Beyonce and Mary J Blige , French Montana and Kendall and Kylie Jenner , with the People magazine running an exclusive on her and Rita Ora all over LA’s billboards wearing Ollia’s furs .

The brand has been now sold with Ollia now concentrating on the organic brand Bio Lab Exotique , which is based in Africa , where the brand owns its own argan oil plantations . The brand has already been presented on Euronews channel in a talk show with Ollia, followed by Forbes Italy calling her a Bond girl with a killer brain.

So why did she have the need to lie about her being much older then she really is ( based on her LIVE story on her Instagram , where she showed her followers all of her documents including bank cards, passport , and birth certificate – she is only 27 years old ), she then showed two photoshopped screens of her ID that says born 1988 which she has used to secure trust of much older business plyers .

Lets dig : It happens that when Ollia started her journey to the international success 10 years ago at 17 years old she has faced a ton of age discrimination. She has dropped out of her uni to go and work at Vogue magazine where she was the youngest and had women in the office throwing coats at her face and had to do food runs in the winter rain to bring those girls lunch snacks , even though she was the favourite of the then editor in chief. Later on when Ollia launched her brand she was told she was too young to get a life changing distribution deal . Was dismissed by the power movers and shakers.

Laughed at by her peers who were trying to tell her she was stupid and too young and to basically go back to partying. So when Ollia turned 21 she started telling people she was 24 . When she was 24 she was showing her business partners an edited ID , pretending to be 28 or older depending on who she was speaking with. How crazy is that we are now at 2020 and young women feel so much pressure when it comes to their age ? Why can’t we as a society stop assuming that a young girl who looks like a model can also have a great set of brains and .. balls ? Why do we bully girls like Ollia and put stigmas on them just because of their age and looks ? Lets be honest: if you are an investor and a young girl walks in looking as if she stepped out of the GQ pages , would you give her the money because you take time to listen to her idea or would you give her funding/or promises of such , just to get into her pants ? Be honest. You have your answer