Celebrity designer Ollia Tzarina reportedly dating MARRIED ex-Juventus star Claudio Marchisio


If you have never heard of Ollia Tzarina (@oli_tzari), the most gorgeous young designer in the world – you are living under a rock.

The designer mostly known for her outwear brand Tzarina By Ollia counts Beyonce , the Kardashians and Mary J Blige as some of her best clients, but not only that, she is so beautiful she was named as one of the sexiest women in the world of 2018 and was featured by GQ Italia and Netherlands, Vogue, Marie Claire, Guardian, Elle, Daily Mail and many more

As rumors have arose this week suggesting that the celebrity designer is dating MARRIED ex-Juventus star Claudio Marchisio – we take a closer look at who is Ollia Tzarina

Ollia and the super stalker Polina Gushenko.

Ukrainian woman Polina Gushenko, a single housewife from the outskirts of Kiev was arrested after 3 years of consistent harassment and threats to Ollia and her family.

Gushenko created 2167 Instagram accounts and spammed Ollia and her friends with messages discussing Ollia’s private matters, relationships, plastic surgery, creating forums and asking her friends to post on them creating drama in Ollia’s life and attempting to destroy her relationships by spreading rumours and having them go viral.

When the woman failed to get Tzari’s reaction, she got herself an american sim card and started sending life threats to Ollia and to her then boyfriend Nico Franceschin (@thereal_snoop_mc)

Gushenko sent 6900 messages combined to Ollia’s friends and families in a span of 3 years ,what makes this even crazier, is that one of the women who helped Gushenko was Ollia’s best friends who at some point had access to her phone , private photographs and leaked them all online.

Ollia Tzarina and a Juventus superstar Claudio Marchisio – an item?

According to an eyewitnesses at a Bulgari Hotel in Milan, Miss Tzari was seen with the ex Juventus player Claudio Marchisio who is in fact very happily married, but according to Ollia this has never taken place.

Mr Marchisio was not available for a comment.

However Miss Gushenko being a hardcore fan is sure the pair had lunch in the hotel.

Miss Tzari when approached for a comment claimed the Bulgari Hotel staff needed their eyes checked.