Charity is our reality: 5 beauty brands doing fundraising


Nowadays, fundraising has become more than just an initiative from various foundations and private persons. More and more internationally known cosmetics brands are joining the charitable sector. Here you will learn about five companies that contribute to the positive development of our world daily.


This brand supports several programmes aimed at restoring the environment and preserving the balance in nature. In 2012, Caudalie became a member of the association «1% for the Planet». The company donates 1% of its income each year to the organisation. The foundation distributes the money received to plant new trees in different parts of the planet. So far, more than 7 million saplings have been produced.

If you are concerned about rain forests in the Amazon being cut down or whole plantations disappearing for commercial reasons, you can join the initiative. The homepage of the e-shop MAKEUP contains many products of this brand. By buying one of them, you help to plant a new tree.

TM actively cooperates with CORAL GUARDIAN and often runs joint programmes to protect reefs. Coral reefs are home to many fish species and indirectly protect islands from waves and fouling. Poachers have caused the most significant harm to the ecosystem in Indonesia, Japan and China. Together with CORAL GUARDIAN, the Caudalie team has managed to restore, save and replant over 3 000 corals.

Aesop, The Body Shop & Avon

The brands are part of the Natura & Co group and have a vital mission in our world. The companies have joined forces to protect women from domestic violence. Together they have become part of «No More» and «Woman’s aid» to help those who suffer because of physical or moral tyranny during a pandemic.

The self-imposed forced isolation caused by COVID-19 has led to a global upsurge in violence. According to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, there is now more aggression within families. For this reason, Aesop, The Body Shop and Avon’s work with women’s funds are having a positive effect.

The companies also promote the hashtag #IsolatedNotAlone on social media, sharing guidance on what to do in dangerous situations and where victims can turn to. You can also donate to the Love Your Body Club loyalty programme to the foundations mentioned.

Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics is involved in several charitable projects at once. Firstly, the manufacturer of decorative cosmetics helps with the protection of coral and doesn’t use it in its products. Secondly, it vigorously fights cyberbullying and promotes the hashtag #bullyfreebeauty. The manufacturing company encourages people to use social media to spread love rather than hate others.

Thirdly, Tarte Cosmetics has set up a non-profit organisation called «Heart to Tarte». Its mission is to support all those affected by natural disasters. Although TM, unlike Caudalie, does not donate part of its earnings to the foundation, it offers everyone who wants to make a direct donation.

La Mer

The name of this beauty label hints at the initiatives it supports. La Mer means the sea in French. That’s why TM has been overseeing its charity foundation, «La Mer Blue Heart Oceans», for several years. Its mission is to save the world’s oceans. To make a positive impact on the environment, each year, the company participates in campaigns to clean up the beaches and surrounding areas.


L’Occitane is also among the manufacturers, with clear strategies and active charitable actions. For 15 years, this cosmetics brand has been fighting for women’s rights and independence in Burkina Faso.

All the money received from the Shea Solidarity Balm product is donated to a special L’Occitane Foundation fund. The TM also helps fight against lousy eyesight and helps prevent blindness. The manufacturer has set a goal to help 10 million people with vision problems get the eye care they need.

MAKEUP stands in solidarity with all the listed brands. For this reason, more and more worthy companies regularly appear in the online shop, producing quality cosmetics and supporting various valuable initiatives.