Chucs Bar & Grill have launched a new menu for their restaurant in Harrods


Chucs Bar & Grill have launched a new menu for their brand new restaurant in Harrods, Knightsbridge. The menu comes in three parts; comprising of a main menu, breakfast menu and a brunch menu. The menu has been made completely from scratch for Harrods, ensuring fresh ideas are being served.

The launch came on the 12th of February with the new restaurant set to operate between 10am and 11pm on week days and 11:30am to 10pm on weekends. To start your day off right you could be presented with a delightful avocado guacamole and feta cheese on toast from the Breakfast Menu. For brunch you might want to try the tuna tartare and for your evening meal, how about the £95 12oz wagyu rib-eye with a truffle maccheroni cheese pot?

The menu will be set on Chucs’ personalised menu boards manufactured by Chuc’s trusted partner, Smart Hospitality Supplies. Each menu board is set in regal blue whilst showcasing Chuc’s famous white flag. The menus fit seamlessly into the 55 seat restaurant, simulating the experience of a luxury yacht.

The bar is completed with an Italian marble top and surrounded by rich blue leather stools and booth seating. Even the plates and glasses are personal to Chuc’s with their regal blue rims, reminiscent of a classic era. All of this is encompassed by warming wooden panelling which finishes off the yacht appeal in an elegant and stylish fashion, even by Harrods’ standards!

Chucs Bar & Grill have recently appointed Carlos Martinez, former head chef at Maze by Gordon Ramsay, ahead of their opening in Harrods. Carlos joins group executive head chef, Alessandro Verdenelli, who has held the position for 15 years.