Classroom Coding Challenges Brings ‘Escape Room’ Experiences to Schools


To coincide with British Science Week, The Happy Puzzle Company are launching The Coding Box in classrooms across the UK. This is the world’s first workshop to combine the concept of ‘Escape Rooms’ with a focus on maths and coding skills.

Featuring puzzles and challenges, similar to the scenarios found in ‘Escape Rooms’, The Coding Box promises to improve students’ perception of just how much they can achieve.

The basic concept involves linking together a series of clues, to crack codes on a series of padlocks. Using specially adapted 3D glasses, a robotic coding mouse, balancing towers, cubes, and a selection of endless keys, to name a few, students must solve the locks in sequence as the clock ticks down. The task is to escape before the clock reaches zero.

With coding skills becoming a vital part of the UK curriculum, The Coding Box was created with the aim of giving schools the ability to offer their students the chance to experience the possibilities which coding unlocks.

The creator of The Coding Box and founder of The Happy Puzzle Company, Gavin Ucko, explains why schools across the UK should take up the opportunity to bring ‘Escape Rooms’ to the classroom “The Coding Box will help students to build resilience and develop a Growth Mindset. Escape Rooms are incredibly fun, but most are restricted to small numbers of participants. What we are launching can be done by up to 300 students a day at both primary and secondary level.”

While the challenges vary in length and difficulty according to Key Stage, all boast improvements in resilience, team skills, speed of thought, coding, and encouragement of a growth mindset.