CleanedUp announces deal with TfL for hand sanitiser dispensers at every tube station in London


As London goes back to work, every tube station in the capital has a purpose-built hand sanitiser dispenser – thanks to a partnership between CleanedUp and Transport for London.

CleanedUp is a spin-off of ChargedUp, Europe’s largest phone charging network which gives customers power on demand through its network of portable power banks. ChargedUp took its expertise at creating free-standing ‘stations’ for power banks and turned this to a new use; hand sanitiser dispensing stations.

In a partnership with TfL, 1495 hand sanitiser dispensers were installed over the weekend – ensuring every tube station in London has at least one. This will help staff and travellers stay safe while using the underground.

CleanedUp is a UK company and the dispensing stations and sanitiser are both manufactured in the UK.

‘We received the order from TfL on Thursday 8th May and delivered units to all their stations by the following Sunday 17th. It was a massive undertaking, and with the Prime Minister announcing an easing of lockdown rules, it was essential that it was completed on time.’ explains CleanedUp CEO Hugo Tilmouth.

Since its launch just a few weeks ago, CleanedUp has ramped up production from 500 units per week to 2000, in order to meet the massive demand.

“We’ve partnered with sanitiser manufactures in the UK to ensure we have a consistent supply too help keep the country safe and clean. We are installing units in other major transportation hubs in the coming weeks.’ says Tilmouth.