Cllr. Revd. Quintin Peppiatt resigns from the Labour group on Newham Council


Cllr. Revd. Quintin Peppiatt has resigned from the Labour group on Newham Council.

Cllr Peppiatt has been on the Newham Council for twenty five years.

He served as Cabinet member for Children and Young People Services for fifteen years.

He has stated as his reasons for resigning the Labour whip being the failure of the Labour party to investigate his complaint of anti-semitism made over a year ago
before this week’s selection of Rokshana Fiaz as the Labour candidate for the mayor of Newham.

He is also a strong supporter of the ‘Save the City Farm Campaign’ challenging the recent decision by the Mayor to close down the Newham City Farm. He wishes to continue to campaign for reinstatement of the farm with local parents and children.