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General overview

With the development of the IT field, a sector whose importance is becoming increasingly significant is cybersecurity. Why is cybersecurity so significant? Cyberattacks can do a lot of damage to you or your business in many ways. And it is important to prevent unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems that contain private materials. That is where cybersecurity comes to play. CompTIA, one of the world’s cybersecurity leaders, provides a solution to cybersecurity-related problems: the company issuesspecialized professional certifications for cybersecurity specialists.

A+ certification

A+ (CompTIA Certified Network Security Engineer) is a program that surpasses the entry-level PCCSA and middle-level PCNSA credentials. The A+ certification assesses and validatesskills required in designing, installing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting all implementations related to the CompTIA platform. You can earn this certification by passing A+ test in VCE Format.

How to register for A+ exam

You can register for your test in advance or on the day you wish to sit for it. To register for an exam, you need to:

  1. Sign in or create an account with Pearson VUE
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select an exam
  4. Select a location
  5. Register for the test

A+ overview

This exam consists of 75 questions to be answered within 80 minutes. The passing score for this test is 70%. These are the topics you will be tested on in A+ exam:

  • Plan (16%)
  • Configure and deploy (23%)
  • Operate (20%)
  • Troubleshooting and configuration (18%)
  • Core concepts (23%)

Resources for preparation

Before sitting for any exam, preparation is compulsory. You need to gain the required knowledge and practice to pass the test and earn your credential. To prepare yourself for A+ exam, CompTIA offers the following options:

  • Get no less than 6 months of hands-on experience with the firewalls.
  • Pass EDU 210:Firewall 9.0 Essentials:  Configuration and Management. This is a 5-day instructor-led course with hands-on labs.
  • Pass EDU 220: Panorama 8.1: Managing Firewalls at Scale. This is a 2-day instructor-led training with hands-on labs.
  • Get CompTIA A+ Study guide. CompTIA offers a complete study guide that will lead you on what you have to study. It is organized in a manner that will optimize your training period.
  • Use practice labs. Such a lab can be used to practice and develop your hands-on skills.
  • Take practice tests. Practice tests are a great way to familiarize yourself with the exam structure and questions. You can find out your weak areas and work to improve your knowledge.

A+ Certification

Network+ Certification

IT Fundamentals & Linux+ Certifications


Apart from these options, you can find other resources like exam dumps. For example, the PrepAway website is a great source of reliable exam dumps. PrepAway offers you the CompTIA A+ bundle which contains:

  • A+ questions and answers in the same format as in the actual exam: multiple-choice, matching, and scenarios.
  • A+ training course. This course contains a great collection of video lectures created by trained instructors.
  • A+ study guide. This PDF study guide was developed by professionals in the field who have also sat for A+ exam.

VCE Player

Why become certified?

The reasons many people nowadays try to get a certification is because of the many benefits it gives. Some such benefits are:

  • It acts as a form of validation for your skills

Validating your skills is what certification does.Employers can use this to confirm that you have the skills indicated in your resume. But you need to make sure that the certification you apply for is one that is up to the accepted standards.

  • Higher probability of getting hired

Many people are entering the field of IT in the modern world. Therefore, there is always a competition for jobs. Every one of the candidates would, of course, have a basic degree in their possession. So, what would make you stand out amongst all of them? A certification from a reputed vendor, of course.

  • Job retention

In a dynamic field like IT, once you get hired you can’t be sure that you will keep your position until your retirement. New developments and discoveries are happening every day. And you need to keep up with them if you want to be avaluable employeein your organization.

  • Promotions

Getting an advanced certification makes you a great candidate for promotions since you gain the skills necessary for it.

  • Higher pay

Having extra qualification makes you eligible for higher pay, especially if you keep your credential(s) valid.

  • Personal goals

By going through a certification process, you can earn new skills and brush up on the existing skills which will help you accomplish your personal goals (whatever they are).

Jobs you can get with the A+ certification

Becoming A+ certified gives you access to more job opportunities. Given below is a list of jobs a A+ certified person can get, along with their average salaries:

  • Network Security Engineer ($110k)
  • Security Engineer ($88k)
  • Sr. Network Engineer ($115k)
  • Security Consultant ($103k)
  • Senior Security Consultant ($147k)
  • Security Analyst ($77k)
  • Security Architect ($106k)
  • Network Engineer ($72k)


With the rising need for professionals in cybersecurity, the chances for a person with the right qualifications to advance their career in this field are extremely high. The right credential is one that proves you have the skills required and one that is up to the expected standards and accepted by renowned organizations. Gaining the CompTIA Certified Network Security Engineer certification is the right qualification to prove your cybersecurity skills. And passing A+ exam is a lot easier if you use