Controversial documentary ‘Everybody Flies’ heads to UK cinemas this February


Releasing in cinemas this February, Everybody Fliesexposes shocking evidence of air toxicity during flights

Controversial documentary Everybody Fliesis making its way to UK cinemas this February, revealing how toxic chemicals are mixing with the air we breathe on normal commercial flights.

After an 18-year research project by former airline captain Tristan Loraine, Everybody Fliesdelves into a subject thats affecting up to 11 million people a day.

The filmmakers behind the documentary unveil the dark truth about air contaminants and how a large number of airplanes have a design flaw, allowing toxic chemicals to leak into plane cabins without anyone knowing. The problem has been ongoing in aviation for more than 60 years, but technology and engine design have failed to completely remove the risk of contamination.

The documentary received critical acclaim during its festival run at the end of last year, and exposes the truth about air contaminants in aircraft cabins, and what the impact has been on health. The film also reveals eye-witness accounts of toxic fume incidents during flights and how cabin crew members exposed to fumes have been impacted over the long term.

Everybody Flieswill open at the Kings Cross Everyman cinema in London followed by a Q&A with the films director at the end of the screening. Additional screenings across the UK are also scheduled for February and March.