Everything you need to know about Riya Sokol and her new album

by Dan Bryans || E_Editions


She can appear as fascinating or scary, but for sure she is the most inspiring person I’ve ever met.

Why fascinating?

She travels around the whole world and she gets money for it!! How come?

She sings and gives concert. But I must warn you- these are not regular concerts. These are like unexpectedly magical journeys! I read a review on her website that the concerts are like a ceremony, when you are not able to dismiss your heart. And It is true. People are like hypnotised. When people leave the space, they seem as different persons! During the gig, suddenly they start to smile to each other, or cry, as her voice is super emotional and touches these places inside of you that you didn’t feel touched for a long time!

After the concert you feel like the whole audience is your family! It’s absolutely incredible.

Apart from that she is facilitator. Her Partner, very talented and famous Tantra Teacher and organiser of the biggest Tantra Festivals on the world, created a movement called “Awaken as Love”

As he says: “In a post-truth world, social media algorithms provide a feedback loop where we become ever more entrenched in our cultural beliefs – which creates a dangerous polarisation between people. More than ever, Integral consciousness (which aims to include, understand and work skillfully with multiple perspectives) is needed at this stage of evolution. Awaken as Love provides the tools and maps to spread this consciousness.”

They do trainings in many countries in the world, engaging more and more people, becoming accessible not only for the spiritual world, but for everyone. Riya says: “this training should be done by every teenager after turning 18! Obligatory! The world would change immediately!”

AND- you can also become the part of the team! You can teach like Riya and James do- as they have a Facilitators training. “There is only so much we can teach during the year. And more and more participants want to attend in the training. We need people to teach it and spread it, when we cannot do it.” She says.

“Just now in our faculty there are incredible world know teachers like Lin Holmquist, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Deva Ashik. But maybe you are the next one to be on that list? ;)”

She is the mother of two daughters and she has a very interesting approach to the parenting. I couldn’t understand it but when she explained… it made sense.

“Of course they are raising me, not I am them (laughter). They are my teachers, I am so not theirs. My main motto was not to disturb them. They know so much better than me. They know what to eat, they know what decisions to make as they don’t have the monkey mind (YET). And I do. All adults do. It’s an effort for us to listen to the heart. For them it’s the most natural way. They are pure and not burdened by conditioning, by ideas how things should be, by the ego… The only thing for me to do as a mom is to let them be. They will get conditioned, of course, I don’t have impact on that. But I do have impact on how much I contribute in that. And I do my best not to contribute too much.”

So the kids are on unschooling program and they travel a lot thanks to that, meeting a lot of friends from all over the world.

She also lives what she preaches. Her tantric approach is not only in her workshop spaces but in her life as well. Recently her daughter “became a woman” and according to tantric tradition, she should have received a celebration party and a blessing from other women. So she organized it and then posted a video from this ritual. This became viral and commented by so many touched women who decided to do the same for their daughters.

Recently she released an album with mantras that within few days was listened by over 1000 people. These mantras are the main and the easiest tool for the biggest disease of 21st century- stress.

“You don’t have to be spiritual. You don’t have to know what they mean or understand it. You just play it in the background as you work, cook or drive. And this will soothe your nervous system without you even knowing when it happened. Your life will change its quality. You will notice it within first week of practising.”

The album is called “Thank you” and you get it in all online streaming services.

At last, I need to say about her look because it also attracted me.

She is really pretty and she looks like a teenager. When you ask her how did she do it, she says: “tantra baby!” And laughes with her whole body!

Why scary then- well, her lifestyle could bring a lot of questions and as she says, people judge her a lot.

“They don’t understand what I do, they find it hard to accept it as it’s so unconventional. But I know I am a pioneer in many things and yes, I am different than most people. I used to suffer a lot from that. My friends were abandoning me, telling me I’m a freak. I would cry for months feeling unloved and thinking I have to change. And then, in some time, I understood, I have so many people around me that stayed. And new people who enjoy and appreciate me- that’s when my grief came to an end.”