Criminally crafted pop-up escape room launches in East London in time for Halloween


As the nights draw in and the clocks go back this month, homes across the UK typically become more vulnerable to break-ins and home theft as burglars operate under the cover of darkness.

In response, leading security firm ADT Fire & Security has enlisted the expertise of reformed burglar, Michael Fraser, to launch the UK’s first ‘criminally crafted’ escape room experience – A Darker Time – in time for Halloween.

Taking place across two weekends from 31st October at a secret London location, the four-day immersive escape room will invite willing participants to step into the shoes of a private detective and solve the mystery around a not-so-ordinary burglary, inspired by events told in acclaimed crime-writer Sophie Hannah’s thrilling ‘edutainment’ novella A Dark Time, written in collaboration with ADT.

Created by immersive storytellers, RIFT, budding investigators will work against the clock to seek out clues, interview witnesses and gather evidence in this all-immersive experience to expose the gruesome truth behind the A Darker Time crime – and, learn valuable tips on how to keep their homes safe during the darker nights.

Lee Jasper from ADT Fire & Security, comments: “As the nights get darker and people are more vulnerable to burglary, we feel that the nation need some extra education when it comes to home security. Not only will the public come along to our escape room and have a fun time, but they’ll also take away some worthwhile tips and tricks that they can put into practise in their own homes.

Whether people are lucky enough to win tickets or not, we’d encourage everyone to check their home security and make sure that it’s up to scratch, especially as we get deeper into autumn and the days get much shorter.”

Ex-burglar, Michael Fraser, TV’s best-known former burglar, adds: “This escape room is about people coming along and learning how they can better protect their homes. From piecing together clues to analysing evidence, participants will be thinking both like a burglar and a member of law enforcement.

“Those taking part will be getting one on one time with actors within the escape room, sifting through clues and trying to sort out the truth. It will be intense, thrilling and a test of mental endurance, but ultimately, people will come out knowing more about home security and how they can better protect themselves.”

A staggering 79% Brits have admitted to failing to adequately protect their homes, with unlocked front doors (14%), open windows (31%) and keys in so-called ‘secret places’ being some of Brits’ home security pitfalls, according to recent research by ADT Fire & Security.

To gain access to free tickets to the A Darker Time escape room, visit

Dates: 31st October – 3rd November; 7th – 10th November
Time: 12pm – 8pm
Location: A secret location, East London