The London Eye rotates backwards for the first time ever on Friday 25th


his October 27 sees the clocks turning back an hour as daylight saving time ends. To commemorate this seasonal affair, the Coca-Cola London Eye will be turning the iconic wheel in reverse and rotating in the opposite direction, for the first time ever, for one hour with guests on board.

It has been forty-seven years since the British Summer Time Act was created, launching the tradition of turning the clocks back an hour at the end of October. For almost twenty years the Coca-Cola London Eye, a world-famous attraction, has provided visitors with unrivalled dynamic views of the city, all the while rotating in the same direction. This is therefore the very first time in the attraction’s history that it will rotate the opposite direction for an hour with guests on board.

The exclusive reversal will take place on October 25 at 8am for invited guests as the sun rises on one of the final mornings of British Summer Time.

Sunny Jouhal, General Manager at the London Eye, said: “We are proud to be world-famous for offering the most panoramic views of London and creating exciting moments for our guests, whilst also being an iconic part of the London skyline. This year we wanted to mark the end of British Summer Time with an all-time first experience, rotating the London Eye in reverse to showcase the iconic view from a new perspective.”

To give fans the chance to experience this all-time first rotation, the Coca-Cola London Eye will be hosting a competition on their social channels in which people must solve a code written backwards. The secret message will share details around the wheel reversal and people who correctly uncover this information, and comment below their answer using the hashtag #WheelBack, will be entered into the prize draw. Five winners will be selected to enjoy the experience on their own private capsule.