Croissants to Celebrate Friendship: the Frog App Team Make A Buzz in Soho!


For three consecutive days, between February 25th and 27th, the London-based social network company Frog has partnered with a croissant shop in Soho, to host a memorable and highly friendly charity give-out event. Londoners bustled for the event and shared free croissants with their best friends.

This event was created with the idea of celebrating friendship and showing affection for those we really care about, in particular in such challenging times.

The 400 (free) tickets for the event sold out in three hours, and more than 600 people came along to share free delicious croissants between friends.

The bustling streets of Soho have been the theatre of many events, but they have probably never seen such long queues every day for getting pasties!

With hundreds of specially designed bags emerging from Old Compton Street, the lucky “besties” participated in spreading the word about the importance of focusing on genuine relationships in real life and online.

Word of mouth went beyond the neighbourhood, already seduced, for reaching many more people via social networks with the help of influencers such as Ellis(@eliswatts) on Tiktok, promoting the event to her massive audience (nearly 460 thousand followers).

The huge popularity of this give-out event shows how important it is to change today’s online social behaviour.