Cryptocurrency Never Sleeps: Justin Sun’s New Engagement


Now, try this, close your eyes, picture a figure, east Asian, wealthy, male, thirty-ish, energetic, and…always talking about crypto-related topics…

Who is that guy?Even though you are not familiar with cryptocurrency industry, that guy may also ring a bell. Remember Warren Buffett and his Million-Dollar Luncheon auction? Who placed the record-breaking USD 4.57 million bid to have a private luncheon with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett in June 2019, before canceling it to widespread surprise?

That guy has a name: Justin Sun.

Justin Sun is a Chinese tech entrepreneur, a billionaire who earned his first million dollars by creating and operating TRON, a cryptocurrency platform in July 2017, as well as the founder and CEO of a couple of leadinghigh-tech companies.

TRON has been growing rapidly during his terms as CEO, and subsequently became the largest cryptocurrency platform in China. Everything seemed smooth and thriving until the Chinese authority banned the entire crypto industry in September 2021.  

In Wall Street, there is an old saying: money never sleeps. We should have every confidence in Justin Sun. Likewise, the rule must apply in crypto industry as well. As long as the world is still in need of virtual business environment, crypto shall always prevail among the emerging technologies.

Justin Sun has accepted his new role as the ambassador and permanent representative to the WTO for a Caribbean nation, Grenada, early this December. Before inaugurating his official duties in Geneva, Switzerland, he paid a visit to a couple Latin American countries, and deeply exchanged opinions with local political leaders. It is believed that crypto-related agenda must have been included amid their interactions.

Justin Sun also clarified his next step in person by continuously posting tweets, illustrating he is stepping down as CEO of TRON, and the platform is to dissolve at some point, but his causes in the industry will never stop. This clarification may comfort and reassure his followers who might have some concerns about him and TRON. But as for those observers who have insights into cryptocurrency and track record of Justin Suns deeds, his latest bid on a seat of BLUE ORIGIN, a spaceship of another billionaire Bezos, and his remarks on those debates over the near future of the industry are not beyond their imagination.There is only one question can arouse more curiosity and expectations:What is Justin Suns NEXT bold move to stun the world? Buckle up! Let us wait and see!