Cyber Boy Corp.’s 2021 Game Release


BEVERLY HILLS – What is a video game? Of course, you know what a video game is! It is the embodiment of awesomeness. I know I might sound like Po from the Kung Fu Panda movies but this is a topic I am extremely passionate towards. Then Cyber Boy decidedto dip their toes in the gaming pool. Well, welcome one, welcome all, for the water is just the right amount of warmth! The game release isn’t news to some people, for those who’ve visited their website, CyberBoyCorp.Co.Uk, have seen the video game release information right at the top of the page next to that happy logo. Thumbs up right back at you Sr. Roy Andrade (CEO of Cyber Boy). You couldn’t have chosen a better time to do this.

The pandemic has whipped, thrashed, and flogged society straight into hiding from CEOs like Roy himself to children supposed to be in school. To some, this will present a glum situation in terms of productivity but we all know how the big man operates. With most of the children stuck at home what a time it is to provide a source of entertainment to the little rascals.

Gaming, just like every other aspect of technology, has developed from the days of board games like scrabble, chess, monopoly, and charades the fun has been implemented into machines. With companies like Sony and Microsoft leading at the helm of this sector of human evolution, it has given rise to the game creating companies like the legends at EA Sports, 2k, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Rockstar Games, Activision Blizzard, Sega Games, Capcom, and now Cyber Boy.

Cyber Boy’s Video Game

Since the early ’90s, technology has had its hands in gaming, and to this date, has yet to let go. It brought with it machines that have slapped a pair of eye bags on children’s faces along with a smile that never fades. PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and now even KFC have their hands in the gaming sector. Developing a console that is on par with the PlayStation 5 in performance but comes with an extra perk on top of the adrenaline pumping button-mashing. A compartment that keeps your chicken warm while you game. Always trying to weasel their way into our hearts through our tummies, aren’t they?

Cyber Boy has yet to declare the release date or any details about the video game. Neither what device it’s going to be played on, nor what type of game it could be. However, the possibilities are endless. The genres are wide ranging, going full circle from adventure to action, first-person shooter to horror, fighting to race, simulation to strategy, and MMO to retro. Whatever you throw at us, Roy, we here as the gaming community are ready.

No matter what the design may be, Sr. Roy Andrade is sure to turn this entrepreneurial adventure into another one of his long list of gold mines. Who else but him to boldly step up to the fore like this?He’d better start grooming a successor early because his shoes are going to be one hell of a hulkish pair to fill. Cyber Boy has already started branching into other technological sectors just like he said they would and this is looking more and more like just the beginning. Here is a man planning to walk the earth and tattoo the treads of his shoes on its soil.