Dads LOST OUT to the tune of £114 Million this Father’s Day


Dads LOST OUT to the tune of £114 Million this Father’s Day, as research reveals we spend 20 percent LESS on presents for dad than we do for mum.

Novelty socks, Y fronts, cans of deodorant – and even oven gloves and verruca cream top the list of the worst Father’s Day presents unlucky dads have received.

The nationwide study by the personalised gifting company, Photobox, into the spending habits of British families has revealed we spend £6 less on dad than mum, equating to a whopping £114 million DAD DEFICIT!

Yet 70 percent of loyal dads wouldn’t dream of telling their kids they didn’t like their gifts. And 71 percent say that, in all honesty what they’d love the most is something homemade by their kids.

The study, commissioned by Photobox, reveals that more than half of dads (51 percent) say that Mother’s Day is a much bigger deal than Father’s Day in their household, with a massive 78 percent of all respondents (mums and dads) claiming that mums get much more fuss on Mothering Sunday than dads receive on Father’s Day.