Discover the spirit of rebellion with Versace Versus watches


Versace’s Versus line stands as a bold declaration of individuality and innovation. Created by Gianni Versace in 1989, Versus Versace has always been about pushing the boundaries of fashion with its avant-garde designs. Aimed at those who dare to be different, the Versus watch collection encapsulates the brand’s fearless approach to style, blending artistic innovation with the legacy of luxury watchmaking.

The essence of Versus Versace watches

Versus Versace watches are more than timepieces; they are a statement. Donatella Versace, alongside the most talented young designers, continues to drive the brand towards the edge of fashion’s frontier. Each watch reflects this journey, embodying the Versus spirit of relentless creativity and bold experimentation. For both women and men, these watches serve not just as accessories but as a testament to the wearer’s fearless individuality.

The unconventional path of innovation

Versus Versace was born from Gianni Versace’s vision of a line that veers off the traditional path, focusing on innovation and the unconventional. The brand quickly garnered endorsement from celebrities and found itself featured in prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines worldwide. This recognition is not just for the brand’s daring apparel but for its distinctive watches that capture the essence of Versus — a blend of artistic force and forward-thinking design.

A journey through time

The story of Versus is a captivating tale of resilience and revival. Initially introduced as a gift to Donatella, the brand carved its niche with a rock-chic style that influenced Versace’s main collections. Despite facing challenges in the early 2000s, Versus made a triumphant return under Donatella’s guidance, collaborating with renowned designers like Christopher Kane and Anthony Vaccarello to infuse the line with fresh energy and perspective.

Collaborations that shaped Versus

From Christopher Kane’s revival of the line in 2009 with a capsule collection that showcased at Milan Fashion Week to Anthony Vaccarello’s tenure, which ended as he moved to Saint Laurent, Versus Versace has thrived on collaboration. These partnerships have brought new life to the brand and solidified its place as a beacon of innovative and unconventional fashion.

Versus Versace watches symbolize this legacy of collaboration and innovation. Each piece reflects the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional watch design, offering a unique blend of luxury and rebellion.

Discover the world of Versace Versus watches, where fashion meets functionality in a bold statement of luxury and individuality. For those who live by their own rules and want their style to reflect their spirit of adventure and innovation, visit to find your perfect Versace Versus timepiece.