Do We Need Our Wisdom Teeth?


Do We Need Our Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth have not been necessary for a very long time. The majority of humans cook their food to soften it and use kitchen utensils to grind, crush and cut our food. Anthropologists have seen a shift in our wisdom teeth and believe that they are no longer necessary.

Getting them out sooner will not only help to heal the extraction faster but will also be less costly when you’re an adult. Below we see how this works, and how long healing takes for this procedure.

Does Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth?

When you are still a baby, all of the teeth that you should have are already with you, albeit not yet ready to come out. They are higher up in your skull and eventually come out as the years go by. When you are still an infant, you have 20 teeth that come out and then fall out.

After which, the usual 32 start to erupt. At the age of 6 we get our first molars and 6 years after around the age of 12 years the second set comes out. For many, wisdom teeth are felt before they hit the age of 21 years.

Sometimes they may not be as obvious, however, they can cause various oral issues and the recommendation from a family-friendly Mississauga dentist is to get them removed as soon as possible because the wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted could cause more issues than the ones that are visible.

Not everyone gets wisdom teeth and it depends on your genes. However the majority of adults at some point in their life do get them and according to studies, almost over 52% of them get them. These numbers showed men to have them more than women.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Wisdoms Removed

Our jaws and the shapes of our mouths have become much smaller over the decades, as compared to our ancestors, who had smaller brains and bigger jaws. In addition, our food and dietary needs have changed. Because of our smaller jaws, there is no need for all the teeth to be there, and some can be removed. Case in point – our wisdom teeth.

These are optional and you can either have all 4 or none. The better option, of course, is to have them all removed, especially if you want to avoid any issues later in life. The removal process of wisdom teeth is straightforward and the healing begins immediately after the procedure.

There are a few reasons why you should consider getting them removed, and we list a few of these below:

They can cause crowded or crooked teeth
They can increase tooth decay
They can cause cysts under your gums which could lead to tumours
They can sometimes grow sideways which can cause discomfort and pain
They can give you jaw pain

Hopefully, now you can decide whether you should keep those 4 or get them removed.