What is a swarming event and how can this increase brand exposure?


On-vehicle advertising is a popular method of out-of-home advertisement and offers many benefits to companies looking to turn heads. You may have heard of on-vehicle advertising, but have you ever heard of a ‘swarming event’? As a media that moves, on-vehicle advertising can be placed practically anywhere. So Adverttu harnessed this power, along with their digital integration, to create takeover events using car advertising! Here is everything you need to know about a swarming event and how, by using this clever add-on as part of your marketing campaign, you could increase brand exposure. 

The benefits of vehicle advertising 

To start, why choose car advertising? There are many benefits to choosing any form of out-of-home advertising, but in particular, vehicle advertising is a simple and affordable method of advertising which is both attention-grabbing and mobile. Choosing to advertise your brand across vehicles using car wrapping will create a buzz in your desired location whilst protecting your marketing budget from big spending. Car advertising offers mobility and attention-grabbing aspects, but many companies have found this form of advertising provides a great ROI. 

Swarming events 

A swarming event takes the benefits of car advertising and goes the extra mile to create a buzz in a particular location. By choosing this as an additional extra to your on-vehicle advertising campaign, you will benefit from a noticeable presence with multiple cars parked or driving in a specific area at a particular time. All whilst being wrapped in your chosen campaign branding! This creates a massive impact on audiences and works to get people interested in your brand, helping to increase exposure and increase interaction with your ads. These swarming events allow advertisers to dominate a targeted area and have proven successful with product launches and demographic targeted campaigns. To put it simply, a swarming event combines the powers of transit media and location-based advertising to generate a presence within an area. 

Location-based marketing

Marketing campaigns that focus on a particular area effectively reach a specific demographic across various customer life cycle stages. This could be from discovery to purchase, through to retention. Whether you have a product launch or a new service to introduce, focusing on a particular area will hone in on a specific customer segment. A marketing campaign targeted to a particular area of a city, for example, could alert the target demographic to a new store opening in this location or a current offer or discount on a particular product stocked nearby. 

What does a swarming event look like?

A swarming event consists of a fleet of vehicles with your branding ‘swarming’ a specific location, usually an area of a city, at a particular date and time. This could be outside of an industry event where you want to grab the attention of attendees to increase awareness of your brand, or this could be your very own pop-up event. Bringing these vehicles to your location adds extra noise to your event, creating a buzz around your brand. Adverttu has found from its client results that incorporating a swarming event into your car advertising campaign can increase engagement by 50%!