Dorset Cereals to host breakfast on the slow session in Central London


In their pursuit to encourage people to slow down and experience a calm moment at breakfast, Dorset Cereals is hosting their third immersive ‘Breakfast on the Slow’ session, giving guests the opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers and experience interactive and though-provoking workshops.

Tickets for the event are now available for public to buy via Ticket Tailor, with the event running at central London member’s club, Mortimer House.

The event will inspire and empower guests to explore how they can enjoy more mindful, calmer lives; ultimately taking a pause to appreciate and savour life’s simple pleasures. Attendees can expect a carefully curated event, beginning with a deliciously wholesome breakfast, guided meditation and panel chat hosted by leading hypnotherapist and coach Chloe Brotheridge, who will discuss slowing down and avoiding burnout.

Those panellists joining Chloe Brotheridge on the day include: Nutritionist Rosie Mullen, author and host of ‘Pause’ Retreats Danielle Merchant, The Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan and happiness consultant Samantha Clarke.

The panel will discuss our modern-day obsession with being ‘busy’, and how our comparison culture, combined with anxiety about underachieving, is leading many millennials to experience ‘Generation Burnout’. The panel will share their own personal tips for slowing down, taking a pause and focusing on what is really important in our lives.

Next, guests will be invited to get involved in three insightful and reflective mini-workshops, to ensure they leave feeling inspired, calm and mindful, and ultimately armed with tips on taking a pause, slowing down and appreciating the simple pleasures of everyday life.