Londoners, get set for a commute that’s impossible to hate


Keep calm and hold on to the handrail! It’s no surprise that Londoners are prone to a daily grumble, be that weather woes or technology troubles. However, new research from Vita Coco, reveals that commuting is the number one cause of daily stresses for those living in the capital.

Although blood boiling moments such as people not covering their mouths when sneezing and bad selfie lighting were among other top #FirstWorldProblems, the commute is a recurring gripe that really grinds our gears.

The research found that there is nothing Londoners find more annoying than public transport being late, this was closely followed by a replacement bus service, being stuck in traffic and being forced to stand on public transport.

The top 10 situations most likely to make tempers rise on the morning commute are:

  • Public transport being late (88%)

  • A replacement bus service (75%)

  • Being stuck in traffic (84%)

  • Being forced to stand on public transport (69%)

  • A stranger trying to engage in conversation on public transport (53%)

  • Bad smells on public transport (87%)

  • People taking up seats with their bags (87%)

  • Bicycles (47%)

  • Heat on tubes in the summer (80%)

  • Queuing for tickets/barriers (72%)

  • Tube/train closures and cancellations due to overcrowding (86%)

As a result of their research, Vita Coco is on a mission to create a week that’s impossible to hate for people across the city, just like the taste of its brand new Pressed Coconut Water.

Throughout next week (June 17th-21st), the brand is planning a series of events to surprise irritated Londoners and save them from some of the worst commutes.

If you’ll be commuting across London next week, Vita Coco has released some clues as to where and how they’ll be surprising commuters that you might want to check out…

What to look out for:

  • Monday – Phone battery dies…life is over! Look out for free charging packs around Liverpool Street, London Bridge or Canary Wharf on your way home and never get caught short (of phone battery) again.

  • Tuesday – Although talking to a stranger on the tube is unheard of (especially in the morning!), it might be worthwhile engaging in a little small talk if you’re queuing for tickets at Victoria or Waterloo!

  • Wednesday – Travelling along the Victoria or Central lines? Put your very British politeness to one side if you see someone wearing an ‘Want me to move my bag?’ t-shirt or talking particularly loud.

  • Thursday – Tube delays? Hop off at Waterloo and be “rick-sure” to get to work on time!

  • Friday – Covent Garden is the place to be for a FriYAY of mammoth proportions, with the chance to win a helicopter ride to work, VIP festival tickets and a month’s free rent.