Dussmann’s Group robotic machines continue to make a buzz


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We just came across the most interesting and ground breaking news which is spreading across the Social Media.

Did you know that a market leader on Technical Facility Management is disrupting the market with the introduction of cleaning robots to their technical services portfolio and are changing the business landscape in this Sector?

Mr. Hakan Santana Lanfredi, who is Member of the Executive Board of Management at Dussmann Group, headquartered in Berlin/Germany, operating in 17 countries, gave us a short explanation about the new technology.

Mr. Santana Lanfredi, responsible for the international business of the Group, mentioned that Dussmann is gaining significant competitive advantage by leveraging the power of robotic machines which are making repetitive, laborious and, oftentimes, hazardous tasks more effective and productive.

Duckie and Sparky, as the robots have been named by company owner and Chairwoman, Mrs. Catherine Dussmann, have been recently introduced during a market launch in the Middle East, where the Group has built a strong presence, and are already causing great excitement amongst their Clients and news outlets.

We can’t wait for Duckie and Sparky’s launch in the UK and will be following further developments.

Watch the video: