EA Home Design is setting trends post-lockdown with its virtual showcases


EA Home Design is among the many businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic, and in the wake of the lockdown, America’s leading interior design company has developed a new way to reach its customers through virtual experiences.

From the onset of the pandemic, EA Home Design like many companies who are digital design agency london had to adapt to the new landscape of people having to self-isolate at home. This led to businesses changing how they reach their customers, and even some having to close their doors due to social distancing measures.

But for EA Home Design, the founders of the company decided to explore digital tech as a way to connect with its customers, and deliver a new kind of experience. Then came the idea of doing virtual tours and meetings on Zoom. With the rapid growth in popularity of Zoom, EA Home Design was able to set themselves apart by offering a bespoke, consulting service for first-time customers eager to re-decorate and modify their homes.

With people spending more time at home following the pandemic, emerging trends from smart IoT devices through to antimicrobial fabrics and tiling have become ever more popular.

Having already managed to gain a substantial following online through Instagram, EA Home Design was able to provide its one-to-one virtual meetings for people who couldn’t go out, which led to a dramatic increase in both sales and brand awareness.

And it’s not just the interior design industry that’s doing virtual tours. Letting agencies and homeowners are also turning to video apps to present virtual showcases of their properties for would-be renters and buyers alike.

EA Home Design was also able to create a new model through its use of Zoom, by allowing homeowners and various experts to connect from a distance, and at different locations. This kind of accessibility has helped many businesses innovate where they were unable to meet in person with their customers – and in turn, this may prove to be one of the emerging trends for home decor businesses around the world.

Is this the new way of doing business?